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Android Gmail Setup

If you have already configured MDM on your Android device, then your email should already be set up.

Setup Google Client (Generic Instructions not all Android Devices are the same)

  1. Locate and open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

    Opening Google Play Store
  2. Search for ‘Airwatch Agent’ and select ‘Install’

    Airwatch Agent install screen
  3. Once the install is complete, select ‘Open.’

    Airwatch open screen
  4. Airwatch will now open, select ‘Email Address’ to continue.

    Select Email Address screen
  5. Type in your FULL email address in the field.

    Email Address Entry Screen
  6. Accept default settings and select ‘Continue.’

    Settings and Continue Screen
  7. Enter your UMD username and password.

    UMD Username and Password Screen
  8. Drop down the menu and select the type of ownership. Select ‘Corporate – Dedicated’ for most users.

    Type of Ownership Screen
  9. Select ‘Activate’ to complete the installation.

    Activate Screen
  10. Installation of AirWatch is complete and your device will have green checkmarks when everything is setup correctly.

    Installation Checkoff Screen

Passcode Instructions

  1. If you have not setup a passcode, the Airwatch Agent will force you to set this up. Please follow these instructions..

    Setup a Passcode Screen
  2. Select the type of passcode you want to use. The most common is ‘Pin’. The same instructions will be used for whatever you choose..

    Passcode Selection Screen
  3. If you chose ‘Pin’ you will enter a 4-digit pin and select ‘Continue.’

    4-digit Pin Entry Screen
  4. Confirm the pin and select ‘Continue.’

    Pin Confirmation Screen
  5. To setup email, install the Google Apps Device Policy. This will automatically launch after installation of the Airwatch Agent.

    Google Apps Device Policy Screen
  6. Select ‘Activate’ to continue.

    Google Apps Policy Activate Screen
  7. Select ‘Enforce’ to continue.

    Confirm Enforcement Screen
  8. Google Apps has been installed and pending approval from the Helpdesk. Select ‘Next’ to exit this screen.

    Status Screen
  9. Gmail installation is complete when the Agent and App Catalog appear as follows.

    Phone App Screen