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iOS Gmail & Wifi Password Reset Instructions

  1. Gmail Password

    After changing your network password, on your IOS device, open Settings and select Passwords & Accounts

  2. Select Exchange
  3. Select Account, iOS Exchange Screenshot
  4. Select the Password,field & enter your new Password, then select Done. Then select <Mail…
    iOS Account Screenshot iOS Exchange Screenshot
  5. Wifi Password

    Select the < Settings & then select Wi-Fi

    iOS Mail, Contacts, Calendars Screenshot iOS Settings Screenshot
  6. Select the Info Icon next to the uwdn, then select Forget This Network.
    iOS Wifi Screenshot iOS Wifi uwdn Screenshot
  7. Select Forget, then select <Wi-Fi
    iOS Forget this Network prompt Screenshot iOS Wifi uwdn Screenshot
  8. Select uwdn, then enter your Username & new Password & select Join.
    iOS Wifi Screenshot iOS Wifi Enter Password Screenshot
  9. Select Trust, then you will see that the device has connected again to uwdn.
    iOS Wifi Certifacte Screenshot iOS Wifi Screenshot

You have changed your old Gmail and WiFi passwords to your new network password. You may now continue to use your device as you did before.

If you have trouble with this process, please contact Help Desk Support.