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FY2024 DTS Rates

DTS charges rates for all services provided.  The rates are approved by the DTS Rate Committee, the Governor’s Office, and the Legislature.

Application Developer Rate
Tier 1 $79.01Hour
Tier 2$94.70Hour
Tier 3$110.34Hour
Tier 4$125.51Hour
Master Engineer/Consultant/Specialized SkillsetSBAHour
Communications and Phone Services
Technician Hourly Rate$90.33Hour
Business Phone Line VoIP (incl. Softphone & LD) $28.85Line/Month
Business Phone Line AnalogSBASBA
Toll Free$0.0353Minute
Persistent Chat$8.78User/Month
Contact Center$28.10Core License/Month
Call Management SystemSBA
Computer Support Services
Computer and Helpdesk Support$74.34Device/Month
Adobe Pro/Sign$1.62Device/Month
On-Call SupportSBASBA
Google Email and Collaboration Tools $12.22Account/Month
DaaS AWS Cost + 10%Device/Month
DaaS Citrix/GCP $43.67Device/Month
Database Services
Oracle Database Hosting Core Model$1,138.69Core/Month
Oracle Database Hosting Shared Model$11.07GB/Month
SQL Database Hosting Core Model$1,189.50Core/Month
SQL Database Hosting Shared Model$12.14GB/Month
Hosting Services
System AdministrationN/AOS/Month
Processing (CPU)$46.25CPU/Month
General Purpose Storage$0.0800GB/Month
Back-up Storage$0.1993GB/Month
Web Application Hosting$109.81Instance/Month
Cloud Hosting and Storage ServicesActual Cost
DTS Cloud Infrastructure$2.42Hour
Data Center Rack Space - Full Rack$936.85Rack/Month
Data Center Rack Space - Rack U$31.23Rack U/Month
Network Services
Network Connection (ISP, VPN)$55.63Device/Month
Network Connection - IoT$9.82Connection/Month
Network Services - 10 GB$222.52Connection/Month
Network Connection - Non-Cabinet Agencies$64.08Device/Month
Security Services
Security Support (including Authentication Services)$44.85Device/Month
Security Assessment & RemediationSee TableSee Table
Print Services
High Speed Laser Print$0.0269Image
Miscellaneous Services
DTS Consulting ChargeSee Application Developer Rate TableHour
All Other ContractsCost + 1%N/A
Enterprise Software (Adobe, Microsoft, etc.)Up to Cost + 10%N/A
Consultant Services (Managed Service Provider)Cost + 3%N/A
Other Technical ServicesCost + 10%N/A
Service Now License$40.00User/Month
Microsoft Power App License$15.03User/Month
Salesforce Service Cloud Unlimited License$121.06User/Month
UGRC Services
GPS Subscriptions$600.00Subscription/Year
GIT Professional LaborSee Application Developer Rate TableHour

Security Assessment and Cyber Insurance Rates

GroupAnnual Cost
Insurance Only$3,565.00
Limited Agencies$15,500.00
Small Agencies$31,000.00
Medium Agencies$62,000.00
Large Agencies$124,000.00
Extra Large Agencies$248,000.00

Application Support Titles and Tiers

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