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September 2018

DTS Goals and Projects

We have posted a new page with a list of current Goals and Projects. Here you will find a prioritized list of the technology innovations, goals, and directions DTS is currently working on to help State of Utah agencies achieve their business objectives.

Goals and Projects

Post Updated: September 10, 2018
Posted On: September 10, 2018

Innovation Fund Proposals Approved

In accordance with UCA 63F-4, the Division of Technology Services has been accepting proposals to implement a new information technology innovation designed to result in a greater efficiency in a government process or a cost saving in the delivery of a government service. Proposals must be for a new technology not previously in use or a substantial adaptation or modification of an existing technology.

DTS has $150,000 available in Fiscal Year 2019 for innovation projects. Two projects were recently approved for funding by the Technology Advisory Board:

  • Empirix “Hammer” IVR Testing Application DTS Voice operations would use this application to script out all of the testing that agencies must do in preparation for our yearly Genesys upgrades. This application has the capacity to interact with an IVR as well as ensure it is receiving appropriate feedback from the IVR. We would use this to automate our annual testing that agencies perform to reduce the one month testing period performed by the agencies themselves to potentially a single week.
  • Voice Enabled State Services  Use voice-enabled digital assistants to make voting information more accessible to Utah citizens and, ultimately, increase engagement in the voting and political process. Official voting information is currently available to Utah citizens through the website. We propose that this information be made available through Amazon Alexa devices and Google Assistant devices. The new voice-enabled digital assistants would provide a voice-based user interface design and natural language processing, along with machine learning and artificial intelligence cloud services. The voice assistants could answer simple questions, as well as provide resources to answer more complex questions, more effectively and efficiently than users looking up information on their own. This would also help other agencies save time since they’d, hopefully, be fielding fewer calls about voting questions.

DTS will begin working on these projects. We are excited to see efficiencies from these innovative ideas.

There is still approximately $20,000 available for additional projects in FY19. See more information here. 

Post Updated: September 10, 2018
Posted On: September 10, 2018

FY2019 IT Plan

In accordance with UCA 63F-1-204, each executive branch agency must submit an agency information technology plan to the chief information officer on an annual basis. The IT Plan helps DTS plan resources for the upcoming year, based on agency needs. DTS analyzes the IT Plan to determine the impact to costs, operations, and services provided. DTS also uses the IT Plan to ensure compliance with the State’s overall IT strategy and potential areas for coordination among agencies.

You can view the final FY19 IT Plan here. Thank you for providing an accurate and detailed IT Plan to DTS. Please contact your IT Director with any questions or feedback.

Post Updated: September 6, 2018
Posted On: September 6, 2018