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December 2022

Scaled Agile Framework

DTS is implementing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as our project and service delivery methodology across the organization. SAFe is a set of industry best practices and organizational tools that will help teams plan work, manage change, and coordinate efforts. 

SAFe will help us:

  • Facilitate a culture of continuous planning and build quarterly plans that increase visibility and promote alignment
  • Identify dependencies and risks early so that they can be addressed before they impact our work
  • Manage resources so that we can plan the right work and the right amount of work
  • Continuously improve and adapt our processes to meet the needs of our teams and the Agencies we serve

We have already started training some of our employees, and will continue to train all DTS employees through September 2023. DTS will be working closely with agencies throughout the next year to improve planning and prioritization of IT projects and initiatives to better meet needs. 

Scaled Agile Framework

Post Updated: December 15, 2022
Posted On: December 13, 2022

Microsoft Office End of Life

Microsoft has indicated that they will no longer be supporting different versions of the Office suite throughout the next few years. Some agencies are currently using the products that are slated for end of life (EOL) in April 2023. The State currently has a number of machines with end of life (EOL) Microsoft Office products installed on them which require remediation. There are also Office products that are going to be expiring in the next couple of years that we want agencies to be aware of. We will be working with agencies in the coming months to determine a plan for migration.

The following are upcoming end of life dates for Microsoft Office products:

Office Version End of LIfe Date
Office 2010 and older End of Life
Office 2013 4/11/2023
Office 2016 10/14/2025
Office 2019 10/14/2025
Office 2021 10/13/2026
Office 365 Never – Indefinite updates

Additional information can be found here.

Post Updated: December 13, 2022
Posted On: December 13, 2022

Windows 11 Update

DTS is workin with agencies to adopt Windows 11 before Microsoft deprecates Windows 10 in 2025. We are working on a detailed plan and specific instructions for state employees in the coming months. You can see more information on the Windows 11 page on the DTS website. 

Windows 11 Adoption

Post Updated: November 28, 2022
Posted On: November 28, 2022

Update on Zoom Licenses

Many agencies are currently using Zoom to host meetings and webinars where Google Meet does not fit the agency’s needs. Google Meet is the DTS recommended standard for meetings and webinars, but we have approved the use of Zoom Meetings/Webinars as an architectural supplemental standard if Google Meet will not work for the meeting.

Agencies have not had to pay for Zoom licenses in the past, as this has been paid for through the Telework Initiative funds provided by the Governor’s Office. Beginning December 4, 2022, Telework Initiative funds will no longer be available and agencies will need to begin paying for Zoom licenses if needed.

IT Directors will be working with agencies to determine how many Zoom licenses you will need in the future. When we have an estimate of how many licenses are required, we will be negotiating more accurate pricing with Zoom. You can see additional details here.

Post Updated: November 2, 2022
Posted On: November 2, 2022