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March 2018

Device Maintenance from Strategic Communications

DTS is changing the way it manages the out of warranty device maintenance and repair contract through Strategic Communications. After many years of providing inventory and maintenance assistance for your agency’s various out of warranty printers, monitors, fax machines, and other devices, the Strategic Communications contract has been transitioned to the Division of State Purchasing. 

Agencies will now be billed directly by Strategic Communications for services provided by the company, instead of receiving a pass through bill from DTS. 

The technical assistance process will remain the same. You will continue to contact the DTS Help Desk for technical assistance, and DTS will escalate the issue to Strategic Communications when necessary.

We appreciate the efforts and service Strategic Communications has provided in the past and believe that this new contract with them will provide you with the best customer service experience possible.

2018 Legislative Session Wrap-Up

The 2018 Legislative Session concluded last week, on March 8. Thank you to all DTS employees for your patience during the Session – not only for managing the whirlwind of meetings, but also for dealing with difficult parking when coming to the Capitol. 
DTS had a very successful Session. You can view a complete tracking sheet here. Here are a few highlights:
 SB8s1: State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations
This is the Comp Bill. Great news! It provides funding for a 2.5% general salary increase for state employees beginning July 1, 2018. Unfortunately, none of the DHRM recommended targeted position increases were funded. Employees will still be receiving a 2.5% salary increase.
– SB3: Current Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriation
DTS received $1.4 million for a DTS Customer Experience Platform Expansion. More details to come on the tool and project.
– HB8s1: State Agency Fees and ISF Rate Authorizations and Appropriations

DTS rates for FY2019 have been approved and agencies have been funded. 

– HB150s2: Single Sign-On Database Amendments
DTS will be receiving funding to move forward and implement the Single Sign-On Database. In past years, DTS had received funding and direction to build a prototype of the system. We will now be moving forward with the full project. The Single Sign-On Databases is a web portal that allows a person doing business in the state to access, at a single point of entry, all relevant state-collected business data about the person, including information related to: business registration; workers’ compensation; tax liability and payment; and other information collected by the state that the department determines is relevant to a person doing business in the state. More details on the project will be coming soon.
 HB395s2: Technology Innovation Amendments
DTS will be receiving $150,000 for an Innovation Fund. Agencies will be able to submit proposals to implement a technology innovation designed to result in a greater efficiency in a government process or a cost saving in the delivery of government services. DTS will be developing a process soon and a communication will be sent to agencies with more information.

Vote for 2018 StateScoop Top 50 Awards

You can now vote for the StateScoop Top 50 Awards here. Voting closes April 10.

The StateScoop 50 Awards annually honor the best and the brightest who make state and local government more efficient and effective. These awards allow us to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our peers and acknowledge their tireless efforts to make a positive impact in the government IT community and in public service.
There are 2 DTS nominations up for voting:

The visionary state executive leading state government into a new technology landscape with innovative ideas and by inspiring others to get on board

 Utah Practice Driver License Platform, STATE IT INNOVATION OF THE YEAR

The innovative State or Local IT approach to cross-agency or intra-agency technology that may have been unfathomable until recently.

Dave Fletcher named one of 13 Emerging Tech Leaders You Should Know


Dave FletcherChief Technology Officer, State of UtahGoogle home skills

This particular project is part of Utah’s effort to use digital assistants to provide services and information for Utah citizens. In this case, we leverage the Google Drive platform to provide an interactive way to prepare for the Utah Driver License exam.

The targeted market for this innovation is typically 14- to-25-year-olds who are interested in getting their driver license for the first time, although there are others outside this targeted segment that are interested in the service as well. The Google Assistant is a voice interactive system that is available on most mobile devices as well as the new Google Home and Google Home Mini devices. Similar to the popular Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant interacts with the user through standard voice interactions. With this application, the user simply asks to take the Utah Driver License Practice Exam after which the Assistant will ask a series of questions resembling those that will be asked on the official Utah Driver examination.

It is a simple and fun way to prepare for the exam; 37,000 students are eligible to apply for new Driver Licenses each year in Utah.

The Google Assistant was unveiled during Google’s developer conference in May 2016, during the announcement of the Google Home smart speaker. Its forthcoming availability for Android and iOS users was announced in May 2017.

We believe that the Utah Driver License Exam is one of the first government applications available for this new, but increasingly popular platform.

Read about the 12 other leaders HERE


NASCIO highlights DTS successes In Real Life

During the next several weeks, the National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO) will feature priorities through brief videos from state CIOs explaining why an issue made the list & how that issue applies to their state in real life (IRL)
Check out the State of Utah DTS videos here:
IT Consolidation:
Digital Government:
Data and Analytics:

Voice assistants are helping Utah keep the conversation going with citizens

Devices like the Amazon Echo are the latest channel the state’s government is using to “maintain interest and outreach” for services.

When Utah Chief Technology Officer Dave Fletcher thinks about how to integrate technology into state government, two criteria come to mind.

“What we try to do is focus on the things that will improve quality of life and keep our citizens engaged,” Fletcher told StateScoop. 

Utah, which has emerged as a leader among its contemporaries in online services, has found that the emerging technology of voice-activated digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa fit the bill for satisfaction and engagement in all kinds of citizens.


Click here to read more on this article. 

Upcoming AGRC Events

Northern Utah GIS Users Group

NUGIS will be holding their next meeting Tuesday, February 6th from 2:00 – 4:00 PM in room D2-318 at the Weber State University Davis Campus in Layton. For more information, please contact Kasey Hansen

Salt Lake Users Group

The Salt Lake Area GIS Users Group is holding its 35th quarterly meeting on Wednesday, February 14 from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM. View the location and presetation list on their website.

NSGIC Midyear Meeting

The 2018 midyear meeting is being held through February 25 – March 1 in Salt Lake City. Register now.

UGIC Call for Papers

UGIC is accepting abstract submissions for breakout presentations at the 2018 UGIC Conference May 7-11, 2018 in Vernal, Utah! Submit your abstract now.

Granberg, Bertrand J.

After many years of suffering at AGRC, Bertrand J. Granberg, 104, Salt Lake City, passed from AGRC to other employment on January 17, 2018, 5pm. It is with great sadness that the AGRC family announces Bert’s transition to his new position at the Wasatch Front Regional Council after his dedicated service. Bert will be lovingly remembered by his colleagues for his many years of service and super curly hair. Bert is survived by Steve Gourley, Mike Heagin, Sean Fernandez, Michael Foulger, Greg Bunce, Scott Davis, Zach Beck, Matt Peters, Rick Kelson, and David Buell. Bert will also be fondly remembered by his colleagues of years gone by. Bert, who was involved in many state, local, and national efforts, was preceded by other directors.

There will be no service in memory of Bert. In fact, we have removed from our office all evidence that he ever existed. Those who care to disturb his peace, ahem, desire to contact him should do so at their own risk.

Thank you, Bert, dearly, for all your efforts.

Next Generation 911?

Preparing for Next Generation 911 (NG911) is largely a group effort by individuals and agencies at the local, state and national levels. AGRC is one of those agencies. With so many involved parties and policy details it can be overwhelming just trying to understand how the system works. So, let’s talk about NG911.

Keep Reading

Shutdown of Google Drive for Mac and PC

Google has launched Google Drive File Stream to replace Google Drive for Mac/PC. Google Drive for Mac/PC will no longer be available effective May 12, 2018.

As of May 12, 2018, if you have not transitioned away from Google Drive for Mac/PC, the synchronization of files between your computer and Drive will cease to function.

This shutdown does not impact any other Google Drive services.

In order to have Google Drive File Stream installed, please contact the DTS Help Desk and submit a request for its installation on your computer. The application will either be installed remotely by the DTS Help Desk or in person by DTS Desktop Support staff.

Please contact the DTS Help Desk if you have any questions or needed assistance.  DTS contact information can be found at and clicking the link Get Help.