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June 2022

2022-2025 DTS Strategic Plan

The 2022–2025 DTS Strategic Plan is available here. The plan provides strategic goals about how DTS will continue to be a valuable, secure, responsive, and innovative information technology (IT) partner organization, and direction to the state’s technology community. The plan presents technology trends that DTS leadership has identified as relevant and describes how these trends will affect the direction for IT management throughout the state.

There are four main areas of focus identified in the plan:
1. Streamline and Modernize State Government
2. Enhance Security, Privacy, and Compliance
3. Foster a Culture of Planning
4. Promote Equity and Opportunity in the Workplace
Post Updated: July 20, 2022
Posted On: June 29, 2022

Security+ Training for State Agencies

To support security and privacy maturity efforts and better prepare government entities for current and future cybersecurity requirements, the State of Utah Chief Information Security Officer and Government Operations Privacy Officer will be providing state agencies, counties and cities the opportunity to have at least one individual complete the CompTIA Security+ training and certification.
Each state agency is invited to register a single participant for the training, with some larger agencies being authorized to register more than one. Please contact Phil Bates or myself directly to request and receive authorization to have more than one participant attend.
Each participant will receive 5 full days of in-person instructor-led training, digital study materials, sample tests and exam vouchers. This training and certification will ensure your agency has someone employed with the knowledge, skills and abilities to manage and mitigate cybersecurity risks with a specific emphasis on practical and hands-on ability to identify and address security threats, attacks and vulnerabilities.

Post Updated: June 28, 2022
Posted On: June 28, 2022

FY2023 Rates go into effect on July 1

The FY2023 DTS rates will be effective July 1. See the full list here. Agencies can expect to see the new rates on the July bill. Please reach out to DTS Billing at if you have any questions. 

Post Updated: June 28, 2022
Posted On: June 28, 2022

FY2023 IT Plan is Now Available

The Information Technology Plan is an overview of the agency IT project detail for the current year. DTS utilizes the IT Plan data to identify potential multi-agency use, necessary IT services needed for successful completion of the projects, and a cost breakdown for each project.

In accordance with UCA 63A-16-203, each executive branch agency must submit an agency information technology plan to the chief information officer on an annual basis. The IT Plan is the list of IT projects for the upcoming year, which helps DTS plan resources based on agency needs. DTS analyzes the projects in the plan to determine the impact to costs, operations, and services provided. DTS also uses the IT Plan to ensure compliance with the state’s overall IT strategy and potential areas for coordination among agencies. 

You can see the full plan here. 

Post Updated: June 28, 2022
Posted On: June 28, 2022

Controlled Substance Database Migrated to the Cloud

The Controlled Substance Database (CSD) at the Department of Commerce was successfully moved from on premises servers to cloud servers hosted by AWS. Moving to AWS provides flexibility and redundancy that was not possible in an on prem environment, provides a roadmap for future improvements, and meets “cloud first” initiatives. This migration is the culmination of roughly a year’s worth of hard work, and represents a major achievement for many teams within both DTS and Commerce.
HUGE THANKS to the following individuals without whom this project would not have been completed: 
  • DTS CSD Support Team: Byron Bills and Brian Masteller
  • Commerce CSD Team: Jeff Henrie, Connie Kitchens, Phil Brewster, and Amy Callaway
  • DTS Cloud Team: Justin Newkirk and Donny Ford
  • DTS Database Team: Robert Smith
  • DTS Shared Hosting: Stuart Roundy
  • DTS Networking Team: Jamie Moreno
  • DTS Security Team: Ken Wheeler
  • NIC/Tyler Team: Souriya Sengsouvanna, Madison Holmes, Brian Wood, Ryan Ireland
  • AWS Utah Team: Raj Anumula, Bruce Larsen, Gana Chandrasekaran, and Ken Allen
Thank you all for your hard work, your patience, and your commitment to seeing this massive project through to fruition! On behalf of the DTS Commerce team, THANK YOU! We’ve enjoyed working with you. 
Post Updated: June 7, 2022
Posted On: June 7, 2022

Google Chrome Issue

Google recently updated its Chrome browser, introducing profile separation.


This update prevents inadvertent sharing of personal data with work accounts to make a clear distinction between work and personal items. This prevents personal bookmarks, history, and passwords from being synced into your account, and vice-versa.


If you use the Google Chrome browser, you will need to take the following action when you see the prompt below:

1. Select the checkbox to “Keep local browsing data (bookmarks, passwords, history, etc.)” and click “Continue”

2. Click your Chrome Profile icon (your profile picture) in the top right side of your browser and select “Turn on sync…”

3. In the new “Turn on sync?” window select “Yes, I’m in”

Please see this document for additional information if needed.

If you have already clicked through the dialog box and appear to have lost bookmarks, history, etc., you can contact the DTS Helpdesk or submit a ticket for help resyncing your data.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.
Post Updated: June 9, 2022
Posted On: June 7, 2022