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July 2016

AGRC June/July 2016 Newsletter

Check out the July AGRC Newsletter. Highlights include:

  • Feedback Wanted: Draft Statewide Road Centerlines Schema
  • Data Schema Released for Expanded GIS Parcel Sharing
  • Using GIS to Analyze 911 Call Routing
  • SITLA is Moving to the Utah PLSS Fabric
  • ESRI UC 2016 Recap
  • Makes Headlines
  • SGID Data Update Log Enables Google Now Cards

Imagine if you had a personal assistant that could remind you of an important appointment and help you get there as quickly as possible. There is no need to imagine. The Department of Public Safety and the Division of Technology Services announced the implementation of new technology in appointment reminders that will do just that.

“It’s very simple,” said Marissa Villaseñor, Director of Public Relations, Utah Department of Public Safety. “It makes renewing a driver license appointment very easy to remember; it will automatically remind you of your appointment and help you with driving directions.”

In order to enable a more seamless interaction with online services, Utah.Gov has enabled Google Now cards to be included in appointment notification emails from the Driver License Division.

Utahns can use the online Driver License Scheduler app to schedule an appointment when applying for a license, a learner permit, and many other services. Appointment emails are programmed to automatically add the scheduled appointment to the user’s Google Calendar and to activate Google Now reminder cards, alerting the individual before the appointment with maps and directions. Individuals will receive reminders from the user’s calendar on Android phones and from the Google app on iOS devices.

“We added coding to the messages that tells the Google Now application when and where the appointment will be,” said Mike Hussey, Utah State Chief Information Officer. “The process uses the tools many Utahns are already using.”

The structured markup included in the Driver License appointment emails allows Google Now to automatically assist the user by adding appointments to Google Calendars. Google Now cards are available on most Android phones and any iPhones using the Google app and Gmail.

Utah.Gov Featured in Nextgov Article

Nextgov recently published an article What Federal Government Can Learn from States in Going Digital, which highlighted as a leading government website. DTS is continually looking for ways we can improve government services for the residents of Utah. 

“Last year, Utah launched a redesigned website that broke down barriers between city, county and state services. The state studied how citizens and businesses used the site and learned they wanted frequent, quick interactions with government. Utah created unique website entry points that facilitate simple, positive interactions. Based on the location of the user’s computer or mobile device, the site provides localized information and services at all three levels of government. Utah’s user-friendly approach propels tens of millions of transactions annually.”

DTS Recognized by GOMB for Development Projects

DTS was recently recognized by GOMB for outstanding efforts on development projects. By applying the tools and principles of the SUCCESS Framework, the group has been able to realize an initial 32% improvement in the volume and quality of development projects. The goal of the DTS application development system is to provide the best technology at a competitive rate to assist partner agencies in achieving their goals.

DTS has implemented four key strategies to improve the quality of development projects.

1. Core Architecture Standards

2. Fewer Projects in Progress  

3. Use of Task Boards

4. New and Improved Software Development Standards 

We are very proud of the team for the outstanding effort. View more info in the HR Worklife Elevated Newsletter, pages 8-9.

DTS Uses Virtru for email Encryption Effective August 22nd

On August 22nd, DTS will modify the routing of secure messages to a Virtru gateway instead of ZixCorp.

This change will affect how recipients of a secure message access encrypted content. More information on how to access secure content can be found here.

Virtru will be used to encrypt email messages with sensitive content. The three policies will still apply when the change is made from ZixCorp to Virtru:

  1. Any message containing SM: in the subject header will be encrypted.  This is the default policy.

  2. Any message that contains FTI in the subject header or body will be encrypted.  This applies to employees that work with federal tax information.

  3. All messages are encrypted by default for any employees that work with HIPAA data.  Messages are sent unencrypted if QAZ: is included in the subject line of the message.

View the technical bulletin here.

Celebrating Five Years of Partnerships with the Utah Broadband Advisory Council

The Utah Broadband Advisory Council recently celebrated its 5th Anniversary. Since 2011, stakeholders across Utah have proven that unprecedented partnerships are central to economic development in Utah as the council has met to promote broadband expansion. Council members are helping ensure that businesses and residents have the services they need to participate in a smart and growing economy. DTS is proud to be partnering with GOED and various other organizations to promote broadband adoption in Utah.

The Council was formed as a forum for broadband stakeholders in Utah to discuss the status of broadband adoption and deployment across the state.  Initially, the Council included stakeholders in economic development, state and local government, education, health care, technology-related businesses, tribal entities, transportation, and public safety.  Soon after its inception, the Council grew to include broadband providers, recognizing the importance of industry collaboration.

Client Systems Management Project

DTS is currently working on a project to replace the current Novell ZenWorks tool with the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) solution in all state laptop and desktop PCs. Such tools are used to deploy and maintain systems and software, respond to security threats, distribute settings, and analyze inventory data. The project will be performed in stages. This project will change the way state issued computers are managed from a software delivery, imaging and patch management perspective. Users may notice the removal of the ZenWorks Client and the installation of the Configuration Management Client, but the basic functionality will remain the same. Project FAQ

Utah Wins City on a Cloud Challenge

Amazon Web Services announced Utah as a winner of the City on a Cloud Challenge.Through the City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge, Amazon recognizes local and regional governments as hubs of innovation in three categories: Best Practices, Partners in Innovation, and Dream Big. Winners receive promotional credits to start or continue their projects. 

The Utah.Gov Driver License Practice Exam uses the Amazon Echo and Alexa voice technology to help drivers practice for the Utah driver license exam by reviewing questions while talking directly with the Alexa personal digital assistant. It is the first state government voice activated review test of its kind. Utah.Gov partnered with the Utah Department of Public Safety and Driver License Division to develop the practice exam for the Echo. Hosted on Amazon Web Services, the voice activated practice exam is a new and convenient way for drivers to review the rules of the road in the comfort of their homes.

Clear the Air Challenge July 1-31

The 8th annual Clear the Air Challenge is in July. The overall goal this year: eliminate 200,000 single-occupant trips to save 3 million miles.
The month long challenge starts July 1st and gives you the chance to reduce your vehicle emissions by choosing alternative methods of transportation using TravelWise strategies. By driving less and driving smarter, you will ultimately help improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion and conserve energy in Utah. 
Don’t forget, by participating you will be eligible for weekly and grand prize drawings by meeting, straightforward, achievable travel goals. 

If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to register. Join our “Division of Technology Services” team! When you register for the Tracker, be sure to “Join an existing team” and select “Division of Technology Services” from the drop-down list.