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January 2021

2021 Security Awareness Training

The 2021 Security Awareness Training will be available soon for employees. All executive branch state employees must complete the Security Awareness training annually. One of the most important elements of our defense and protection of the state’s information assets is user awareness and training. As an authorized user of the state’s information resources, you have an obligation to help protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the state’s data. Part of that obligation is completing the required annual security awareness training. When the training is available, you will be able to access it here. If you need assistance, please go to and click the ‘Get Help’ icon for support.

Post Updated: January 21, 2021
Posted On: January 21, 2021

New Interactive Billing Dashboard

DTS Billing is excited to announce the new Interactive Billing Dashboard available on the “My Bill” section. 
The DTS Billing Dashboard is a more interactive way to view your DTS charges that should allow you to visualize your data in a more fluid manner. 
The Legacy DTS Agency Bill is still available for your viewing. We have also added filtering features to the Account Level & Detail reports which you can also see explained in the attached instructions. 
Post Updated: January 21, 2021
Posted On: January 21, 2021

Governor Cox FY2022 Budget Recommendations

Governor Cox recently released the FY2022 budget recommendations. See it here. A few things that impact DTS:

– We will continue to telework into the future, and will continue to support state agencies and employees in rural Utah. See the Executive Orders in the press release link above. 
– Up to a 3% salary increase for employees, and an increase to cover health benefits
– 3 more weeks of parental leave for employees (6 weeks total for all parents)
– Targeted salary increases: 1% for IT Analyst III and 1.2% for TSS II (this is in addition to the 3%)
– No data center move funding
– Most of the agency IT project requests were funded
This budget will now go to the Legislature for their approval and additions/changes. We should have the final budget at the end of the session on March 5. 
Post Updated: January 21, 2021
Posted On: January 21, 2021

2021 Legislative Session

The 2021 Legislative Session started on Tuesday, January 19. DTS is watching a few bills closely. You can see all the bills here.

DTS will be presenting to the Infrastructure and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee during the first two weeks of the session. We will have the opportunity to present our proposed rates and budget.

  • HB0006 IGG Base Budget
  • HB0008 State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations
  • SB0008 State Agency Fees and ISF Rate Authorization and Appropriations

In addition, Representative Brooks currently has a bill file opened to rename the Automated Geographic Reference Center. The new name, Utah Geospatial Resource Center, brings the name up to date with modern terms and ideas.

– More people are understanding the importance of data, and can appreciate Geospatial data as location based data.
– The division is a Resource center that provides raw data, web services, contract work, and also advises others on implementing GIS.
– The new name is much more descriptive of what the division does, and is more recognizable by people not familiar with GIS to recognize the division offers another type of data (geospatial).
As the division prepares for the next four years and beyond, the new name better reflects the services offered by the division.
During the legislative session, DTS will be requiring all employees that physically enter the Capitol building or directly interact with elected officials to have a weekly COVID test. If you fall in this category, you must provide a negative result on a weekly basis.
If you must be in the SOB during the session, and will not be entering the Capitol or interacting with elected officials, please be sure to wear a mask, follow social distance guidelines, and stay home if you are sick.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Post Updated: January 21, 2021
Posted On: January 21, 2021

New ‘Order It’ Feature on DTS Site

We have a new page on the DTS site that will help with ordering of IT products. Agencies can now quickly and easily order IT products. You can see it here. 

Post Updated: January 20, 2021
Posted On: January 20, 2021

Utah Digital Government Summit is Coming Soon

Save the date for the Utah Digital Government Summit on May 20. The event will be virtual again this year, and is free for all government employees. More information will be coming soon. 

Post Updated: January 20, 2021
Posted On: January 20, 2021

Horizon View Deprecation

DTS would like to announce that we are retiring the Horizon View virtual desktop product at the end of this fiscal year – June 2021. Horizon will be replaced by a new DTS product – Desktop as a Service (DaaS).
If your agency is currently using Horizon you can contact Sean Loth or John Barrett to begin planning your migration over to DaaS. The new product is available in multiple flavors to cover a wide range of use-cases, including telework. DaaS is strongly suited to support rural workers.
Below is an information matrix which outlines the differences in flavors, as well as a comprehensive list of current Horizon customers.
We will keep you updated and reminded as we approach the deadline on Horizon. An official Technical Bulletin will be available soon. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Post Updated: January 19, 2021
Posted On: January 19, 2021