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Data Center Exit Project

What are we doing:

DTS is currently working on a Salt Lake Data Center Exit (DCE) project. We need to move from the current location at the Capitol complex as the facility is slated to be demolished within the next two years. The data center houses the servers that host state agency IT applications and systems.

Migration progress


Why are we doing it:

As part of the move from the State Office Building (SOB) to the Taylorsville State Office Building (TSOB), applications and systems need to be relocated as well. The DCE strategy will address the following as part of the relocation process:

  • How and when hardware and software will be refreshed as it reaches end of life or renewal dates.
  • Determine whether applications and systems will be relocated to the cloud, TSOB, or some other location.
  • How the network needs to change to accommodate relocation targets.
  • Funding for the plan.


The estimated timeline is: 8/1/2021 – 6/1/2022


The transition from the current data center to another location will be seamless for state agencies. DTS will work to migrate the systems and applications without any downtime for state agencies.

DTS is here to help! We will be working with all teams to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud or other options.

If you have questions, contact your IT Director or the Project Manager Greg Jackson.

Accomplishments This Week


Additional Info

Important Dates

Jul 15 Decision if Native Cloud (permanent or temporary), GCVE, or On-Prem Complete
Sept-Nov Oracle Data Center Certification Complete
Oct-Nov Data Center Security and Environmental Cameras Complete
Sept-Jan Data Center Operational Complete
Dec-Mar Migrate to GCVE Complete
Nov-Mar Print Center moved to TSOB Complete
Nov-May Migrate Oracle to Richfield and TSOB On-Track (Richfield complete)
Jan-May Migrate Mainframe Complete
Jan-Apr New Voice Environment in TSOB Complete
Jan-May Migrate Agency Applications to Richfield and TSOB

On-Track (Richfield Complete)

Nov-Apr Network Migration to TSOB Complete
Aug-May Migrate Agency Applications to the Cloud On-Track
May-Aug Vacate Salt Lake Data Center On-Track