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DABC Pick to Voice System Upgrade for Warehouse

DTS  worked closely with the DABC warehouse and successfully completed a major upgrade to their pick to voice system, known as VOXware. This is the system that allows workers in the warehouse to receive voice commands to retrieve products queued up in the system, and to give voice commands indicating to the system that products have been retrieved and moved. All of this is done using wireless and Bluetooth technology. 

This implementation eliminated the wire that ran from the earpiece, to a base unit fastened on or near the worker. The wireless earpieces have allowed warehouse staff much more freedom of movement, allowing them to be more effective in doing their jobs.  When asked about the new wireless headsets, Eric Gaus happily answered “it has been really nice not having a cord getting in the way when I work. It’s made our jobs easier.”

The 5 GHz Voxware wireless picking system processes an average of 11,000 cases a day over two shifts from a maximum of 30 concurrent headsets/units.  Shift one starts at 6 AM and shift two finishes at 10 PM. The system provides detailed reports showing the productivity of each shift and of each worker and allowed the state to consolidate backend resources from two physical servers, to one VMware instance in a high availability (HA) environment.

Post Updated: October 17, 2018
Posted On: August 23, 2018