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The Division of Purchasing completed a project to replace the current State Cooperative Contracts search. This search engine is used extensively by State and Non-State entities to locate contracts for services and goods that are on State contract. Furthermore, an additional enhancement was elected to allow online payments of fees obtained from vendors and is interfaced to the State’s Financials (FINET) system. The search engine user view is a non-intrusive simple design, yet utilizes a new technology “Elastic Search Engine” which has ‘look ahead’ and other advanced features to quickly and intelligently find what the user is requesting. This project also set a precedence as it was one of the first to utilize a new offering from the Dept. of Technology Services, Amazon Web Services. Working closely with the Contractor, Engineers within DTS were able to structure this application within this new technology space. While there are technical considerations that differ from a traditional server model,  overall the DTS State AWS environment offers customers alternative technologies that may result in cost savings as well.

Post Updated: October 17, 2018
Posted On: August 23, 2018