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Fuel Tanks Monitoring System

One of the challenges faced by Fleet personnel is the monitoring and order levels for the fuel tanks serviced by State Fleet services. Traditionally, this required individuals to drive to and monitor fuel levels via a ‘dip stick’ method throughout the great state of Utah. Additionally, coordination of fuel delivery was not always possible and there tended to be some discrepancies to fuel levels in tanks. Using new software, Fleet has placed many WiFi devices now on the fuel tanks that have monitoring software inside the tanks. This software communicates real time the actual level of fuel back to this software, where centralized Fleet personnel can then monitor and place replenishment orders more timely and accurately. Additionally, Fleet can now anticipate during the winter time when a major storm is to arrive and order ahead for additional fuel for the snow plows in that region.

Post Updated: October 17, 2018
Posted On: August 23, 2018