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Dept. of Technology Services

DTS Newsletter

February 2015

PCI Product Description

DTS has created a new product description that delineates the services DTS will provide for PCI compliance that are outside of the standard desktop, hosting, networking, security and other related product descriptions that support agency operations. To view thi sproduc tdescriptio nin its entirety click here, or you can go to the DTS Website, click on Products and Services and then click on Security to find the document.

Employee Success

Winter Clear the Air TravelWise Challenge

This winter, DTS is taking on a travel challenge again competing against other State of Utah Agencies in a TravelWise Challenge. For four weeks, from January 26 to February 20, agencies will battle for the title of “Most TravelWise” at a time when air quality is often the worst for our health and when strategies can best help. During the winter inversion, 48% of pollution in the air can be from vehicle emissions.

Don't forget to log your trips! Please start logging now! Go to

If you haven't signed up yet, click here to register. Join our “Department of Technology Services” team! When you register for the Tracker, be sure to “Join an existing team” and select “Department of Technology Services” from the drop-down list.

Track on the go.Input your weekly trips and miles saved from your Smartphone! Just visitTravelWiseTracker.comfrom your phone to access our mobile-optimized site. So go ahead, rack up those miles.

You can also view the current Clean Air Resolutions Newsletter here

Payroll Year End Information

Certify Leave Balances Report (2014 Leave Year End Summary)

This report is generated upon completion of LYE processing and reflects employees official leave balances for the 2014 leave year. The report is now available to employees in the Employee Self Service (ESS) internet portal. Employees have until the end of February 2015 to review and electronically certify their balances are correct. Any discrepancies must be brought to the attention of their department payroll representative by the end of February 2015, or the balances will be deemed correct. Employees that do not have access to ESS may contact their department payroll representative to request a printed copy of the report. To access the report: click on the Payroll (or Payroll_Manager) tab and select Certify Leave Balances (located under Enter Time Quick Links).


Please contact Zack Allred at 801-538-3534 or Nancy Nelson at 801-538-3523.

2015 Governor's and DTS Awards for Excellence

It is once again time to nominate DTS employees for the Governor’s Awards for Excellence and the DTS Awards for Excellence. The 2015 Governor’s Awards for Excellence will have the following Categories:

  • Energy and Environment
  • Heroism
  • Humanitarianism
  • Innovation and Efficiency
  • Leadership
  • Outstanding Public Service

The DTS awards will run concurrently with the Governor’s Award fo rExcellence. Nominations will be considered for both awards.

Anyone can nominate either an individual or team who has demonstratedexcellencein the above categories during the 2014 calendar year.DTSis fortunate to have unrivaled employees, and these nominations help to recognize the hard work, extraordinary accomplishments, and innovative ideas that go into making the department extraordinary.

If you choose to nominate someone, please read the information containing the criteria for each category, the procedure, and the nomination form. For the Governor’s Awards, DT Sleadership will decide which individual or team best exemplifies excellence and should be recognized with the Governor’s Award. The selected individual or team will receive the award and represent the agency at an Awards Ceremony in May. For the DTS Awards for Excellence, the awards committee may select a team or individual in each category which may result in multiple awards being given.

You may obtain the documents on the Employee Gateway. Please complete the nomination form down to the solid black line and attach enough information for the committee to fully evaluate the nomination. Send nominations to Larene Wyss, 1 State Office Building, 6thFloor, Salt Lake City, UT 84114. You can also scan it and email it to Larene.

All nominations must be received by close of business Tuesday, March 10, 2014.

Payroll Pay Card Services Ended February 13, 2015

As of February 13, 2015 State Payroll will no longer be depositing employee earnings into State sponsored debit cards. JP Morgan, the current prepaid debit card vendor is getting out of the prepaid card business. And, due to the lower user volume and the availability of other prepaid card products to consumers, we have elected not to pursue getting another contract. Employees are encouraged to use direct deposit into a bank, credit union or the new prepaid debit cards such as the American Express Bluebird Card available at Walmart for their payroll. All employees affected by this change have been notified in a letter dated December 30, 2014.

The Department of Human Resource Management does not require direct deposit as part of employment. Paychecks will still be available for agencies to distribute to those employees who choose not to use one of the available direct deposit options.

Utah Enterprise Developer Group (EDG) Schedule 2015

Unless otherwise stated, meetings begin at 11:00 am and end at 12:00 pm.

March 17

Location: State Office Building Auditorium

Topic: Using UMD for Single Sign-On

Presenter: Darrus McBride

April 21

Location: State Office Building Auditorium

Topic: Annual DTS Developer Accessibility Training


May 21 (All Day)

Location: Marriott City Creek

Topic: Utah Digital Government Summit


June 26

Location: State Office Building Auditorium

Topic: Working with the Socrata Open Data API


July 21

Location: State Office Building Auditorium

Topic: Using the Mule Enterprise Service Bus in Application Development

August 18

Location: State Office Building Auditorium

Topic: DTS Development Standards and Guidelines

September 15

Location: State Office Building Auditorium

Topic: Understanding and Using DTS Vulnerability Scans

Coordinator: Tim Hastings


October 20

Location: State Office Building Auditorium

Topic: Big Data Development


November 17

Location: State Office Building Auditorium

Topic: Developing Mobile Apps with HTML5


December 8

Location: State Office Building Auditorium

Topic: Developing for Platform Independence

Coordinator: Darcie Trimble

Innovative Technology

WaterLink System for DEQ

DTS recently completed the new Waterlink system for DEQ, which provides reporting on the local drinking water systems. Reports are created from SIDWIS and local data sets. The system was rewritten from an existing PowerBuilder application into a new web application. Next releases will improve the system including Operator and Backflow Technician Certifications and new Engineering applications.

Website -

Innovative Solutions:

  • Reporting that combines national and state data

  • Better access to monitoring, inventory, bacterial summary, and overall IPS reporting

  • Mobile friendly design

  • Roadmap driven and release based project management approach

DTS Employees involved:

  • Peter Huang (Lead Developer)

  • Casey Wardle (Lead Developer)

  • Byron Bills (Developer)

  • Aaron McElwee (Lead Designer)

  • Rose Cordova (Quality Assurance)

  • Jodie Okumura (Developer)

  • Rob Sandberg (DBA)

  • Michael Casey (DEQ Software Development Manager)

  • Trinna Burk (Lead Web Development Coordinator)

  • John Angus (Software Development Manager)

Locate.Utah.Gov Implemented at GOED

DTS recently implemented the new for the Broadband group at GOED. The application allows users to explore maps on topics pertaining to economic development opportunities that include business recruitment, retention, and expansion. The application allows a user interested in researching potential business sites to view the locations of available utilities, transportation resources, economic incentive zones, higher education, and recreation opportunities. The application also allows a user to generate a report of map layers at a certain location.

Innovative Solutions:

  • Joint partnership between Solutions Delivery Design Staff and AGRC Development Staff

  • Clean and efficient look and feel

  • Several innovative options for search and direct map selection

DTS employeed involved:

  • Scott Davis (AGRC Developer)

  • Zach Beck (AGRC Developer)

  • Matt Peters (AGRC Lead)

  • Jessie Pechmann (AGRC Project Manager)

  • Bert Granberg (AGRC Director)

  • Aaron McElwee (Lead Designer)

  • John Angus (Software Development Manager)

Customer Service

Employee Kudos

In a recent UCI meeting, the first thing Bryan Morris said was (DTS employee) "Anthony Johnston is a stud." He said that his computer went south with all kinds of malware. He called in a ticket and Anthony took over his machine from his desk and resolved the problem. Bryan was able to work on other stuff while Anthony resolved the problem. He is a stud!

“We had a productive training session on our new electronic livestock inspection program. This program is an essential part of the Animal Industry Computer Information System (AICIS). As part of the day's session, we needed to update several parts of our livestock investigator's tablets. Our regular desktop technician works Monday - Thursday and we needed to observe DTS security protocols while updating the machines. At the last minute Ken Gee arranged for two DTS technicians - Lynn McCrary and Paul Gedge - to come to UDAF and help us. Thanks to their efforts, our Livestock Inspectors were able to successfully complete their training session. Their efforts are very much appreciated.”

- Cody D James

“Patrick Funk from Capitol Hosting took the time to talk with an employee from the Travel and Tourism office that was experiencing some problems connecting to their new server. He was able to figure out the problem, which ended up being something completely random and made the staff member feel valued and extremely appreciative of DTS.”

-Amie Hughes

The Proof of Coverage EDI process (POC Load) required programming changes to comply with current business rules. The old rules for processing were impacting the Labor Commission’s ability to effectively administrate policies and work closely with Adjudication. The potential existed for erroneous penalties to be assessed on policies. Approximately four months ago, a project was undertaken to “scrub” the policy data.  Several months were spent in programming the scrub process.  The process was approved for production late December.  Because of the volume of data being scrubbed, the process needed to run over a 4 day period of time.  Additionally, the policy data needed to be scrubbed and audited prior to January 1, 2015.  A joint decision was made between Labor Commission and DTS to launch the scrub process on the evening of December 24th.  The process ran that evening, all day December 25th and 26th, and completed on the afternoon of December 27th. Todd Duvall was responsible for all programming necessary for the scrub.  The team responsible for running and monitoring the scrub process was comprised of Todd Duvall, Arlene McCulloch, James Stevenson, and Judd Houser.  Details of the scrub are:

- Number of records scrubbed = 1.2 million

- Affected policies = 250,000 policies

- Eight PC’s were used to run a total of 64 processes with each process scrubbing a portion of the data

- Monitoring the processes required logging into each PC at least every 2 hours during the 4 day period

- All batch processes were turned off including the nightly EDI FROI processing

- All programming changes were incorporated into the baseline POC system and the Policy Application system.  This makes it so Industrial Accident employees can scrub individual policies on an as-need basis. 

The actual POC load process (which runs nightly) takes advantage of the new code base as well. Sherrie Hayashi, Commissioner of the Labor Commission, wrote “work on the project, particularly since it included work after hours, on weekends, and during the Christmas holidays indicates a level of service that is above and beyond the normal requirements of the job.” Well done DTS team in Labor Commission!

“I am writing today to let you know what a wonderful job Debbie Bauman did to find a phone number for a visitor in the phone system or bill. I accidentally lost a computer record to mail a visitor packet. I went to another phone call immediately after speaking with a visitor. When I went back to amend the record with the first caller - it was gone!!! All I could remember was the city they called from and the approximate time they called. I immediately e-mailed our web manager that handles data and phone issues but she said she could not help me. Then I went to DTS and placed a request and then today Debbie called me and gave me a spreadsheet with the 920 prefix number within 4 minutes of the time I said I thought I was on the phone. Anyway -- this work Debbie did was so wonderful and helpful as the visitor would not have gotten anything from us as I had promised. I am so appreciative and the visitor thanked me for tracking her down when we talked moments ago. Thanks to Debbie for going the extra mile to help me accomplish the task! wow! James and Kelly in Programming were also a big help in this project as they copied the request to Debbie they got me to the right person and in time to capture the data! Thank you so much for all the excellent service we receive from the DTS team.”

- Dave Hansford, GOED - Tourism.


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