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Dept. of Technology Services

DTS Newsletter

November 2014

New DTS Vision Statement


Employee Success

DTS Employee Holiday Open House

I am happy to announce that Governor Herbert is granting four hours of Administrative Leave to eligible employees during the holiday season (November 28 - January 2). Also, I would like to give each eligible DTS employee an additional four hours of Administrative leave.

Each full time DTS employee will have eight hours of Administrative Leave they may use during the holiday season.
  • Only DTS employees receiving leave (annual and sick) benefits are eligible for the holiday administrative leave
  • The administrative leave is pro-rated based on hours worked by each employee; please work with HR to ensure proper time is granted
  • Any leave requested by an employee must be approved by their supervisor
  • Regular business hours are to be maintained during the holiday season

When entering your leave time into Changepoint, please remember to use 'Leave-Other-Administrative (OA)' and enter a note indicating that you used the Holiday Administrative Leave.

I want to thank you all for the great effort this year. We have a great team at DTS. I truly appreciate your dedication and commitment. Have a wonderful holiday season!

DTS Employee Referral Program

DTS employees can receive up to $1,000 through the Employee Referral Program.  Refer a candidate for an open DTS position and complete this form.  If the candidate you refer is hired, you will receive a referral bonus of $1,000 after the new employee has worked for the Department of Technology Services for six (6) months in a Schedule B or Schedule AT position.  

Innovative Technology

Updated SLAs and Product Descriptions

The updated DTS SLAs and Product Descriptions are now available on the DTS site.  Please take a few minutes to review them here.

UDAF Expands Online Services

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) is expanding its online services to make it easier to apply for, update, renew and pay for certain licenses. “These expanded online services will make it much easier for our customers to do business with us,” said Ken Gee, Information Technology manager.

With the new services in place, beekeepers can update the locations of their hives online, companies that have any type of license with UDAF can pay for multiple license applications and renewals in one batch transaction, and first time license applications can be submitted electronically. While the hive registration service only benefits beekeepers, the two licensing services can benefit all companies that have licenses or registrations with UDAF.

By state law, beekeepers are supposed to register their hives with UDAF and provide the location of each hive. To this point, beekeepers would usually call or email the updated locations of hives, and a UDAF employee would enter that information into the database. Now, beekeepers can go into their online account ( and update the addresses or GPS coordinates of their hives. This new service saves time and benefits both UDAF and individual beekeepers. With current records, State inspectors can quickly alert owners of nearby hives whenever a hive disease or other problem is detected. Beekeepers can move nearby healthy hives to slow or stop the spread of disease, and save money.

Another online application upgrade allows companies to pay for multiple license renewal transactions at one time, which can save a lot of time. To this point, a pest control company, for example, with 50 pesticide applicator licenses to renew, would have to pay for the renewal in 50 separate transactions. Now, once the requirements of the renewals are met, the company can pay for all the license renewals at one time. ( This new feature impacts many companies registering and renewal several license types with UDAF.

Finally, up to this point, anyone applying for a license for the first time with the department had to apply on paper in person. While online license renewals have been available for 10 years, the new online service allows first time license applications to also be done electronically.

UDOT Releases Crowd-Sourced Road Hazard Mobile App

UDOT was recently highlighted in Gov Tech magazine for their new Road App.  Check it out here.

DHA Launches New Cemetery Search and Art Collection Search

The Department of Heritage and Arts recently launched two applications using the platform. A team of solutions delivery designers assisted with third party integrators to bring the Cemetery Search and Art Collection Search to production in September.

Art Application - Select the Search art Collections link.

Cemeteries Application -

• Saas solution powering the data via a third-party
• Customized html, css, and javascript on platform
• Mobile friendly design

People: John Angus (Dev Manager), Joseph Sharp (Lead Designer), Aaron McElwee (Designer), Steven Stalter (Designer), Amie Hughes (IT Director)

Insurance Department Offers HealthRates Plan Comparison Tool

As part of improving transparency of insurance plans, the Solutions Delivery staff delivered the Plan Comparison Tool on the State’s HealthRates site. The site combines rate factors (County/Age/Tobacco Use) and Coverage Levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.) This is wrapped in a reporting mechanism to see plans that meet certain criteria and associated costs.

Health Rates -

Cool Stuff:
• Unique comparison navigation
• User administrated data upload
• Large amount of data presented in a friendly format

People: John Angus (Development Manager), Joseph Sharp (Lead Designer), Austin Haws (Architect), Serge Nana Tafen (Lead Developer), Byron Bills (Developer), Rose Cordova (Quality Assurance)

Customer Service

Get to Know...Kent Godfrey

Each month, we will highlight one DTS employee.  This month, get to know Kent Godfrey, DTS Internal Auditor.

Kent has worked for the state for over 21 years in various auditing positions. After graduating with a master’s degree in accounting from Weber State University he started as a staff financial auditor with the Utah State Auditor’s Office. While at the auditor’s office Kent passed the CPA exam and worked as an IT auditor, financial audit supervisor, and director of the local government division. Two years ago Kent came to DTS with the challenge of establishing and overseeing the internal audit function at DTS. Kent has enjoyed getting to know and working with the many great employees at DTS.

After work, Kent spends most nights attending the activities of his four children. Whenever possible he also enjoys coaching. In October Kent was an assistant coach of his son’s championship bantam team. He has also enjoyed hiking the Grand Canyon, canoeing in Yellowstone and Jackson Hole and fishing in the Wind Rivers with his family.

Employee Kudos

Thanks to everyone that assisted DABC with the roll out of the Fortinet Firewalls. DABC stores have all been updated with the new Fortinet firewalls. This project of 45 stores was done very quickly, using new hardware.

  • Engineering - Jordy Davis
  • DTS/DABC Desktop support - Kevin Perry, Greg Clawson and Dave Gailey
  • Network Ops - Andy Fabrizio, Dave Bodily, Jeff Reed, Robert Ryan and Dave Miller
  • Wiring Techs - Craig Thompson, T Artis, Greg Blessing, Spencer Blodgett, Mitch Hood, Mike Johnson, Art Scott and Mark Thomas

Unemployment Insurance (CUBS, CATS, Appeals) - Utah continues to benefit from one of the best unemployment insurance programs in the nation the U.S. Department of Labor affirmed today. Utah was awarded the “Triple Crown” for its unemployment insurance division, which operates faster and more effectively than in any other medium sized state in the nation.

"I would like to mention Edward Radke for the great work he did recently on the Dentrix G5 upgrade at the Department of Corrections. Ed created a Dentrix Virtual Application that did not require the Dentrix client to be installed on the Workstations at the Draper and Gunnison Prison. This saved 2 days of work by not having to install the Dentrix Client on the workstations. Ed has always been willing to work with Hosting on projects and we appreciate the work he does."

-Dana McDonald

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