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Dept. of Technology Services

DTS Newsletter

Issue 410
April 14, 2014

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Employee Success

Governor's Award for Excellence

The AFIS team at Public Safety has been selected as the DTS recipient for the Governor's Award for Excellence. The use of technology and innovative processes for the Rewrite have greatly advanced the AFIS processing, resulting in significantly improved efficiency for the agency. Because of these changes, BCI will now be able to meet the growing demands of the criminal arrest records and the civil background checks far into the future. Please join me in congratulating the following team members:

Bevis Kennedy

Dave Miller

Jan Robison

Kerry Huntington

Laurie Gustin

Mike Sadler

Pam Greenspon

Scott Gabbert

Travis Workman

The following DTS contractors also contributed greatly to the success of the project:

Eric Bulson

Eric Larson

Seth Call

DTS Award for Excellence

The DABC Compliance system team has been selected as the recipient of the DTS Award for Excellence.  The team delivered an innovative product that serves thousands of businesses, supports multiple systems and has improved the efficiency of the DABC Compliance staff. The efficiency, care and teamwork displayed is what made the project a success and will allow the team to move forward to offer even more value to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. This is an outstanding project, and you deserve to be recognized.  Please join me in congratulating the following team members:

Amie Hughes

Will Swanepoel

Ben Petersen

Kayla Price

Tax Governor's Award for Excellence

DTS employees who worked on the VADRS project for the Tax Commission have won the Governor's Award for Excellence from the Tax Commission. Please join me in congratulating these employees as well:

Bryan Johnson

Connie Landes

Curtis Rose

David Torres

Dennis Stafford

Doug Stuart

Elaine Wood

Greg Parkinson

Jerri Betts

Kevin VanAusdal

Kevin Wickersham

Michelle Oswald

Mike McConkie

Neil Hood

Randy Creager

Scott Harmon

Shelley Trembath

Steve Coons

Enterprise Developer Group Brown Bag - April 29th

The next EDG brown bag session will be April 29th. The topic for this month’s discussion isCreating a Great User Experience. This session is open to all DTS developers, and other DTS employees interested in this topic.

When: April 29th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Location: State Office Building Auditorium

Presenter: Joe Sharp, John Angus, Dave Ostrom, and Kevin Olsen

The full schedule can be viewed here.

The recordings are available here.

Information Security

VPN Approval Process Document

DTS has implemented a new VPN Approval Process.  The document can be found here.

OpenSSL Security Vulnerability

DTS has been notified of the “Heartbleed” OpenSSL vulnerability (how servers produce an https secure website). This recently identified vulnerability will allow an attacker to send a “heartbeat” request to an OpenSSL system and the system will return up to 64K of data that is currently being processed. DTS has worked to resolve any issues with this vulnerability. We encourage users to change passwords every 90 days as required by DTS Password Policy or if they suspect that their account has been compromised.

Exceptional Customer Service

Employee Kudos

“As part of the recent efforts to increase the security on our ClearCase and ClearQuest servers, Keith Scholl was able to reconfigure the access control mechanism on the servers to simplify password maintenance. As a result, authorized users will no longer be required to request a password change to the servers every time their master state password changes, yet the same high level of security will be maintained. Although each password change was a small bother, this adds up to the elimination of literally hundreds of these changes per year. Kudos to Keith and the Admin Staff for this type of service and support!”

--James M. Sehlmeier, ClearCase

“For the past week UDC has been working on installing the QF-Test tool to perform some automated testing of our O-Track Web application. We have struggled getting the downloaded version to work under our 64-bit Java environment under MS IE. I had Lynne Neilson, one of my developers, contact Weston Gross at DWS to see if he could help. Weston has many years experience with QF-Test. Lynne and Weston couldn't get the product to run in our environment but both didn't give up that easily. Weston made contact with the vendor and after much trial, error, and phone calls he found some settings that would allow the product to work under our environment. We would have never got QF-Test to work without Weston's help and we at UDC really appreciate his dedication. Lynne Neilson has told me that he was great to work with.I am very appreciative of Weston's time in helping UDC with installing and running this new product.”

-Bryan Kasteler

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