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Dept. of Technology Services

DTS Newsletter

February 2016


Employee Success

Winter TravelWise Challenge 2016

Looking at the valleys, we have work to do! It is time to take some of the "TravelWise" advice and "Rethink Your Trip" to stay healthy. To help motivate you, TravelWise is partnering with State Agencies this year to host the second State of Utah Agencies Winter TravelWise Challenge from January 18 to February 15.

You can get started by visiting the challenge page at

  • Click on ‘Create a Team or Join the Challenge’.
  • Move the button to Join
  • Select State of Utah DTS
  • Start tracking!

DTS and Governor's Awards for Excellence

It is once again time to nominate employees for the Governor’s Awards for Excellence and the DTS Awards for Excellence. All nominations must be received by close of business Friday, March 18, 2016.

The 2016 Governor’s Awards for Excellence has the following categories:

Energy and Environment
Innovation and Efficiency
Outstanding Public Service

The DTS awards will run concurrently with the Governor's Award for Excellence. Nominations will be considered for both awards. Anyone can nominate either an individual or team who has demonstrated excellence in the above categories during the 2015 calendar year. DTS is fortunate to have unrivaled employees, and these nominations help to recognize the hard work, extraordinary accomplishments, and innovative ideas that go into making the department extraordinary.

You can access the documents here. Please provide enough information in the nomination for the selection committee to fully evaluate it. Send nominations to

2015 Year End Leave Balance Verification

It's time to review and sign your 2015 year-end leave balances. Please verify your leave balances by logging into ESS, click on the Certify Leave Balances link (located under Detailed Navigation on the left side of your ESS screen), then follow the instructions listed on the report. The electronic certification options are listed at the top of the screen in the blue area, directly above the report.

If you disagree with your leave balances, please either print your leave certification and make a note on the bottom indicating what you disagree with, or send an email to indicating the concern. We will then research and respond to the issue.

Your signed agreement or disagreement must be completed by February 26, 2016, at which time your leave balances will be deemed correct unless otherwise certified.

If you have any questions in regards to this process please contact Sean Brownell, 801-538-3461 or Nancy Nelson, 801-538-3523.

Updated Background Investigations Policy

DTS Policy 2000-0014 Background Investigations has been updated. We will no longer need to perform background checks on current employees every 2 years. We will now get continual ongoing status notifications from the FBI Rap Back System. See section 14.3.1 for the changes.

14.3.1 New employees of DTS shall be fingerprinted and undergo a background investigation at the time of hire. After the initial background investigation is completed, BCI provides DTS with ongoing status notifications of any criminal history reported on new and current DTS employees through the FBI Rap Back System.

Great Utah Shakout is April 21

On April 21, 2016, DTS will participate in a statewide earthquake drill called the "Great UtahShakeOut." ( This is the only event of its kind in Utah and we have a role to play. The ShakeOut, which happens at 10:15 a.m., is a chance for all employees to practice the correct earthquake actions of drop, cover and hold on.

This is a great time to exercise our continuity plans, to test evacuation procedures and to have frank discussions about resuming the people's business, following a natural disaster, taking care of customers, or any other critical tasks with which we may be faced.

We owe it to the public and the agencies to be ready.

DTS Procurement Newsletter

View the DTS Procurement newsletter for more information on:

  • DTS Purchase Process Clarification
  • Procurement Process Identifier
  • Service Now Tips
  • Don't forget to start planning your year-end purchases now!

Innovative Technology

What's New in Google Apps

Check out the 'What's New in Google Apps' newsletter for all of the latest and greatest Google Apps launches in January 2016. This newsletter is published by Google. Some of the items may not apply to the domain.

Maps on the Hill is March 1

AGRC’s Maps on the Hill will be held during the Utah State Legislative General Session on March 1 in the Capitol Rotunda. Maps on the Hill is a great way to learn how current mapping technology is being applied to important issues across a wide range of disciplines including land ownership, health, addressing, emergency preparedness, history and utilities.  Maps on the Hill is expected to draw over 40 map exhibits from all levels of government, private sector firms, and higher education. Utah’s elected officials and the public are invited to come learn about the various mapping projects from professionals and students.

Utah Releases Revamped Broadband Availability Map on Fifth Anniversary

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Utah Broadband Map, GOED launched a revitalized edition. The map has some new features including:

  • Separating technologies (wired, wireless, mobile wireless) by color
  • Showing population data collected by the US census
  • Showing actual maximum reported speeds
  • Showing the designated telecom service provider for each location

Click here to read the press release and visit the new map.

Monument Replacement and Restoration County Grants

AGRC's Monument Replacement and Restoration Committee (MRRC), established by the 2015 Utah Legislative General Session, is now accepting grant applications from counties to restore survey monuments. Click here for more information.

Customer Service

Employee Kudos

"Thanks to all phone techs for their help and support on the DCFS Cutover, they were GREAT and special thanks to T for spearheading the cutover. The customer appreciated their professional attitude and spirit. Please convey my thanks for all they have done to make this a successful cutover."

- Dave Vasenda

"I want to thank you, Robert Ryan, for your great communications about what is going on in networking. Even when things get pushed back sometimes (like they do for all of us) you're great about giving new targets and letting us know what's going on. I know it takes time to do even a small blurb to report an update and I know you're buried so I really appreciate it. Also, it feels like you're very busy - yet we continue to get great service from you. Just wanted you to know we have a lot of confidence in you and really appreciate what you do for USH. You're great to work with."

- Mark Curtis

On Saturday night, 01-16-16, we reloaded the servers associated with VoIP to clear a problem encountered when adding a new location to VoIP. At3:00 AM Sunday, DCFS reported their VoIP phones weren't working. The reboot of the servers uncovered an issue with 7900 series VoIP phones that had existed for some time, but had never reared its head. Leon Owen and Bryan Luong worked with Cisco and Networking all day Sunday to determine the root cause. Rachel Lark came in Monday morning to help them build a new environment to accommodate these older model phones Monday morning. At this point, Network staff needed to reset various switch ports and LAN switches around the state to force the 7900 series phones to register with the VoIP servers that addressed the problem.Of approximately 1,200 impacted phones, we were able to restore service to all but a handful of them by Tuesday morning when staff returned from the holiday weekend for work, making this major outage ransparent to affected end-users.

Kudos to Leon Owen, Bryan Luong, Rachel Lark, Mike Ostrander, Jesse Fausett, Kelli Okumura, Robert Ryan, Andy Fabrizio and Patrick Crowe for their quick response and willingness to work long hours on a holiday weekend to restore service.

"There was a significant network upgrade that occurred this past weekend for Campus D. I want to recognize thetechs who worked on this. After months of planning and work, Campus D underwent a major network upgrade on January 23rd that will provide much better stability andreliabilityto their network environment. The current 7206 Router at Cannon Health was replaced with two 6509 Chassis. An additional ISP was also added, providing two network paths from Cannon Health back to the Salt Lake Data Center. Because of the hard work of the following technical staff, Campus D will have a better, more reliable network:

Spencer Blodgett

Mitch Hood

Art Scott

​S​teve Ortega

Jordy Davis

Andy Fabrizio

Michael Ostrander

Dominic Nazzise

David Hert

Thanks guys for your hard work. It is appreciated!"

Last week, we had an incident where an individual drove their RV through the front door of the Calvin Rampton building. The following day, Carlos Braceras (Executive Director, UDOT) and Keith Squires (Public Safety Commissioner) requested that staff gather to discuss the incident and safety concerns that followed due to lessons learned from that event along with any other questions/concerns folks may have. They asked DTS to get involved as they wanted to broadcast the address to other employees in their agencies. I would like to recognize the following DTS employees for their prompt action and involvement to help ensure infrastructure services were present to allow the senior leadership from Public Safety and UDOT to be heard from the podium.I am also including a quote from Becky Parker at UDOT. "Thank you very much for all of your help yesterday! We would have been lost if it weren't for you guys springing into action!"

  • Ralph Judd
  • Shane Squire
  • Dave Miller
  • Tim King

"When DSH-JuvenileJusticeGenesis moved into a new building in October, their Key Watcher System no longer worked. The system manages physical keys for many secure doors. This is not a system supported by DTS, and they could not get support from the vendor. JJS was very frustrated that they could not get it to work for several months Ultimately,for good Customer Service relations, Jay Locker went to their site to try and diagnose the problem. He worked with the vendor and learned what was needed to connect to the device over the network. The vendor recommended connecting with a PC and a serial cable to configure it, and set a hard coded IP address. Jay took out a laptop and a switch to setup a mini network with the device, got it configured. Once that was done he was able to connect to the key watcher and set the IP address. After many attempts to get it going by different people, Jay went out and got it done. Many thanks to Jay!"

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