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DTS Newsletter

March 2015


Employee Success

DTS Employee Summer Event

Mark your calendars! The 2015 DTS Summer Event is scheduled for June 25th at Big Cottonwood Park.  Please plan to join us for lunch and fun games.  Details will be coming soon.

2015 Legislative Session Summary

The Utah State Legislature passed 528 bills during the 2015 Legislative session.  Several of these bills affect DTS employees, and the agencies that we serve will require additional IT services. You can view all of the passed bills here .  A few highlights include:

  • HB8 State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations : Provides funding for a 2.25% general salary increase for state employees, a 4.9% increase in health insurance benefit rates for state employees, and up-to $26 per pay period match for qualifying state employees enrolled in a defined contribution plan.
  • HB122 Technology Services Amendments : Requires the CIO to set standards for accessibility of executive branch IT by individuals with disabilities.
  • SB255 Data Security Management Council : Creates a Data Security Management Council to study statewide data security issues and develop best practice recommendations for all branches of state government.

Great Shake Out April 16th

On April 16, 2015, we have a chance to put our emergency planning into motion by participating in the Great Utah ShakeOut.(

The ShakeOut, which happens at 10:15 a.m., is a chance for all state employees to practice the correct earthquake actions of drop, cover and hold on. This important endeavor requires that we lead by example. This is a great time to exercise our continuity plans, to test evacuation procedures, and to have frank discussions about resuming the people's business, or any other critical tasks with which we may be faced. We owe it to the public and to ourselves to be as ready as we can be. And we can't be ready if we don't practice, thereby leaving our employees unprepared and the public at risk.

Updated Security Policy

DTS has updated the Security Policy.  Please take a few minutes to review the policy.

New Tribal Consultation Policy

DTS has developed a new Tribal Consultation Policy. Please take a few minutes to read the policy.

Utah Enterprise Developer Group (EDG) Schedule 2015

The next Enterprise Develop Group session is:

April 21

Location: State Office Building Auditorium

Topic: Annual DTS Developer Accessibility Training

Knowledge Management in Service Now

DTS has rolled out a centralized Knowledge Management repository in Service Now where information within DTS can be captured, distributed, and shared with all DTS employees. This information can include technical IT information, documents, and previously uncaptured expertise and experience from individual workers.

Using a centralized knowledge repository ensures that important information is shared, flows freely throughout DTS enabling faster problem resolution, and eliminates siloed file folders that keep employees from providing better customer service.

Centralized knowledge management is available for all DTS employees to use. Anyone can view a published knowledge article, but to create one, you must be given the Knowledge role in Service Now. To obtain the Knowledge Role a Service Now Request must be submitted to the Capitol Help Desk. You can learn how to view, create, and publish a Knowledge Article by clicking on the video links below.

Utah Digital Government Summit is May 21

The Utah Digital Government Summit is May 21, 2015.  Details regarding the Summit and registration can be viewed here . Please get proper approval from your supervisor if you would like to attend.

DTS Procurement Newsletter and Update

View this quarter’s DTS Procurement Newsletter here:

Changes to DTS Policy re: Software Assurance

DTS instituted a policy this summer mandating the purchase of Software Assurance with all Microsoft systems and server software that was also confirmed in an email sent to all IT Directors on November 12th. After discussions internally and with Microsoft, DTS has decided to update the Software Assurance requirements forfuturepurchases.

Software Assurance is a subscription-based benefit add-on to a perpetual license. This is what is traditionally known as software maintenance. In addition to the cost of the license, users pay for an initial prorated term of 24 to 36 months (with 36-month renewals). At the end of this term, users then only need to pay Software Assurance renewals for the next 36 month period.

The below items still require software assurance. Requests without it will be put on hold until corrected. Quotes will fluctuate so please make sure to request updated pricing before ordering. (see attached for a list by product and part number)

  • All instances or installations of Windows OS in a virtual environment (includingon a Mac) must purchase Software Assurance to comply with Microsoft licensing requirements.
  • All SQL Server products (including CALs)
  • All Windows Server products

Purchasers of licenses with Software Assurance can keep using the license even after the Software Assurance term has expired. However, because DTS executive management has instituted this requirement to ensurecompliance with changes in Microsoft's licensing policy and to address issues within our technical environment,DTS will require renewals of Software Assurance for the above products for as long as the perpetual license is in use.Users will be notified when their term is about to expire, at which time they may contact DTS Procurement to purchase a renewal.

While Microsoft requires that Software Assurance be purchased for the above licenses, it is encouraged that agencies look at purchasing it for all other server products. Some of the benefits include:

  • Free upgrades during the subscription term.This ensures that your group will always have access to the latest releases of software. Not ready to upgrade yet? You'll own the perpetual license for the most recent version released during your subscription term, even if you don't upgrade to that version until after your subscription has expired. For this reason, you might consider purchasing Software Assurance for a single term on productsnoton the "required" list, in order to capture any new versions released within the next 2-3 years (this is especially true for Windows 8.1 purchasers, as Windows 10 is expected to be released in early 2015).
  • Security.Security Security. Security. Outdated software exposes servers to vulnerabilities, and Software Assurance helps you stay up-to-date for less money than buying each new version release.
  • Free technical support and incident ticket submissions.Getting help with server issues directly from Microsoft is easy and free. Support tickets can be submitted 24/7 via Microsoft's web-based assistance request system.
  • Free training vouchers.Attend courses taught locally by Microsoft Certified Trainers (CMTs).
  • Among other benefits, Software Assurance supports hardware virtualization and license mobility. For more information on the advantages of adding this service, please visit

If you have any questions about the Software Assurance policy, please contact your IT Director.

Innovative Technology

Google 6" Imagery Now Available with Agreement

Earlier this year, a coalition of local government agencies purchased a license to Google's high resolution (6 inch pixels) aerial photography. The license allows Utah's cities, counties, special districts, state agencies, K12/Higher ed, and tribes, as well as contractors and formal partners of the immediate licensees to use this imagery in web and desktop applications.

Because this is a licensed product, completing an online Organizational Usage Agreement form is how you get started.Click here to find out how.

Customer Service

Employee Kudos

“I wanted to express how impressed I am with the AGRC and the data and services you are providing. In the 15 years I've been doing GIS, I've never had an organization impact my work more than the AGRC does (in a good way). The web services, ArcSDE database access, geocoding services, imagery, Lidar, code, etc. you provide is literally world class. I've never seen better at any government level. And the google imagery contract is just over the top. I was able to tell my boss that we can re-purpose a significant budget line item for imagery and that is a direct result of the AGRC's efforts. We are a one man GIS shop, and the AGRC makes us better every day. Furthermore, the AGRC website is excellent. It is one of the best designed websites I've ever used. Easy, quick, beautiful and relevant.”

- Michael Philp, Springville City

“I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate Denise Wardle for helping us out today at the last minute. We were sent an employee to help perform some data entry tasks & had no clue how to set up a monitor for her to be able to do the work for us. Denise came by our office within 5 minutes of our call for help. She hooked up the computer to the monitor quickly (after we struggled with it for longer than I would like to admit) and the employee was finally able to start entering the data. Please let Denise know how much we appreciate her help.”

- Gaye Betts, Sr. HR Analyst


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