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Dept. of Technology Services

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June 2015

Employee Success

DTS Employee Summer Event

The 2015 DTS Summer Eventis June 25that Big Cottonwood Park. Plan to join us for lunch, a volleyball tournament, horseshoes, and geek trivia!

Sign up to play Geek Trivia here


Matt Blunk

We are saddened by the passing of DTS employee Matt Blunk. Matt worked for the State in IT for about 15 years. He worked for DTS at Heritage and Arts, a "jack of all trades" supporting Desktop, network switches, and building servers, for several years beforesettlingin asDesktop Manager in Campus B. Matt was a great manager and his employees loved him despite his no-nonsense approach to management. He was smart, honest, fair, hard working, and fun to be around. He had a great sense of humor and an easy going manner that allowed him to tease and be teased.

To those close to him, Matt often talked of his wife and three sons, and of his love and appreciation for them. He was excited to meet his first granddaughter in April. He loved his Harley and his dogs. We will miss him very much. View his tribute here

Summer Clear the Air Challenge

DTS is participating in the Summer Clear the Air Challenge from July 1 – July 31. Click here to register. Join our “Department of Technology Services” team! When you register for the Challenge, be sure to “Join an existing team” and select “Department of Technology Services” from the dropdown list. Let’s see the impact our community can make when we work together.

Summer is ozone season and traveling wise can help protect your and your families health. We have had a nice green air quality spring, but now have been creeping into the yellow air quality range in many counties this June. The challenge-wide goal is to save 300,000 trips and avoid putting 24,000 pounds of pollution into the air shed. See how many pounds of emissions, gallons of gas and dollars we can save when we work together!

Updated DTS Payroll Policy

The DTS Payroll Policy has been updated with the following addition: Employees may receive administrative leave to attend one all day URS retirement seminar one time in their career.

View the updated policy here.

Innovative Technology

Password Recovery Process

DTS has been working hard to make self service password recovery easy for all State employees. In the past when someone was locked out of their computer, they would have to access another computer, tablet, or mobile device to reset their password. ComingJuly 1, 2015, each employee with a Windows PC will be able to recovery their password from the initial login screen of their PC. The whole process takes less than two minutes. View this short instructional video for additional details.

UDOT's Enlighten App

Thanks to UDOT's connected signals initiative, this app ( called Enlighten notifies users when a signal light is due to change. It has an audio signal and also displays a countdown until the signal changes.

There have been several articles in the media, including this one in GCN:

It just went live in Walnut Creek a few months ago, but was tested in Utah last Summer. The company is trying to get it as a dashboard feature in 2016-17 model vehicles.

You can download it at

Utah Insurance Department Captive Annual Statements

The Captive Annual Statements application for the Utah Insurance Department (UID) allows captive insurance 
companies to file their annual statements online. Previously, 
UID was using a third party form submit software that was costly to license and not user friendly. By working with the DTS software development team to create a custom application, companies can now easily submit statements and UID can more effectively manage submissions.

Website -

Innovative Solutions:
 In developing this tool DTS could not find a comparable application utilized by other States. To our knowledge it is the first application of its kind and UID is very excited to be leading the way in services it can provide to their customers.

DTS employees involved:
 Gary Gerber (Developer) 
Justin Julander (Developer)
 Mark Mitchell (Software Development Manager)

Utah Department of Health CAREWare Web

The CAREWare Web project was a collaborative 
effort by DTS staff from Solutions Delivery and the Utah Department of Health (UDOH). As part of the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), CAREWare Web was developed 
to interface with the Federal Ryan White CAREWare
 application to help manage client information for HIV and
 AIDS patients that currently receive Federal grant money for prescriptions, doctor visits, and other medical expenses. The customer has reported that CAREWare “saves our program countless hours of staff time,” by enabling staff to create Federally mandated reports based on the data.

Information Security Solutions: 
CAREWare Web is a web-based application that is securely accessed internally by authorized UDOH staff. The highest level of security and encryption has been enforced through the application in order to protect sensitive patient and client data.

DTS employees involved:
 Don “DJ” Gregory (Developer)
 John Randall (UDOH Developer)
 Angie Sorrells (Project Manager)
 Mark Mitchell (Software Development Manager)

Customer Service

Employee Kudos

Phil Lyman, San Juan County Commissioner, recently received assistance from AGRC with county road data. He was very appreciative.

“You are amazing! Thank you so much! I owe you one!”

“After working in the Office of the Governor GOCentral and Calendar programs, I am reminded of theextraordinary efforts Yalin Kececi made to correct the issues we experienced not long ago when the system was out of order.Thank you for keeping us informed about the Google and system issues and for repairing the system. I understand you spent many long hours learning new code (or unfamiliar code) in order to repair the system. We appreciate you and your expertise. We are grateful the system is working well.”

- Fran Stultz, Executive Assistant to the Governor

“I'm in Indianapolis for a BLS conference and Steve Brock's staff (Glen Read and Mark Rock) were just given big Kudos in front of all the LMI Directors, BLS national office folks and even the BLS commissioner for their role in the conversion to a new national data storage system for the QCEW data. Their work was integral in completing the transition and they were noted for working above and beyond to troubleshoot ahead of time to minimize the glitches experienced by end users across the nation. The project even came in under budget.Thanks to DTS!”

- Carrie Mayne, DWS

 “Robert Smith, you're one of the very best, what can I say. You consistently go that "extra mile", and in my opinion - you're the example of good DTS customer service - you've set the standard. You honestly (and I told you this yesterday) spoiled me the many years we worked together here in Finance. Thanks for this, and the rest of the work you've done on our scripts, etc.”

- Jerry Gearheart, DAS – Finance

“Just wanted to say thanks to each of you (Robert Smith, Boyd Webb, Dean Zumbrunnen, Dale Hicks, Mike Blake, Sam Howlett) for your help in resolving problems and issues that have come up due to the FINET upgrade project for the Division of Finance.Jerry Gearheart has reported to me how great each of you have been to make these issues a priority, especially this week. Thanks for all of you help on the security, firewall, server, scripting, and other issues. Your efforts on getting our customers up and running on the system. Thank you so much for all of your help!”

- John Reidhead, Director, DAS Division of Finance


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