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October 2014

Utah.Gov on Medal Platform Seventh Year in a Row

Utah.Gov, The State of Utah’s official website, was recognized again by the Center for Digital Government with the Best of the Web award for the seventh year running. has received the highest recognition as a top three best state website since 2006.

“Utah.Gov saves the state millions of dollars, and is a tremendous boon to our economy,” said Governor Gary R. Herbert. “It is great how we continue to improve our state’s technology year-after-year.”

The annual Best of the Web awards recognize state governments for outstanding portals and websites based on innovation, functionality, productivity and performance.

“We worked hard to create a strategy to integrate innovative solutions, execute in delivering quality services, and build a search-centric design for enhanced usability and more engaging user experience,” said Mark VanOrden, Utah Chief Information Officer. “We continue to fine tune the effectiveness of the website by implementing the best design principles, making the site even more useful to the citizens of Utah.”

Efficiency and economy is at the core of Utah.Gov. Through constant redesign, reengineering, and innovation Utah.Gov’s 1072 carefully crafted online services and over 20 million pages of dynamic content continues to help Utahns connect with state government. Utah.Gov’s Smart Search and responsive design allows residents of Utah to easily navigate various state services to get the help or support needed. With a focus on making the large number of secondary pages more independent, the latest redesign provided engaging and visual content to make these pages more useful and act as standalone Web pages.

The Best of the Web award is just the latest in a series of good news for Utah.Gov. Recently the website was recognized by the National Conference of State Legislators, The Public Technology Institute, Web Marketing Association, and International Academy of the Visual Arts. Utah.Gov has received 14 awards so far this year.

Tip of the Month

Any user profile (no license required) on Service Now can now set up their Delegate Approver(s).

Employee Success

Save the Date: DTS Employee Holiday Open House

Mark your calendars for the DTS Employee Holiday Open House.  The event will be on December 18th at 2:00 PM in the Capitol Rotunda.  Details will be coming soon.

Enterprise Developer Group Training is October 28th

The October session of the Enterprise Developer Group will be on the topic: "How to Leverage Big Data"

The presenter will be Bob Woolley

This month's brown bag will be in the State Office Building Auditorium beginning at 11am on October 28th.  Please join us if you can.

The full schedule can be viewed here.

The recordings are available here.

DTS Employee Referral Program

DTS employees can receive up to $1,000 through the Employee Referral Program.  Refer a candidate for an open DTS position and complete this form.  If the candidate you refer is hired, you will receive a referral bonus of $1,000 after the new employee has worked for the Department of Technology Services for six (6) months in a Schedule B or Schedule AT position.  

Charitable Fund Drive

As state employees, we have the opportunity to participate in the Utah State Employees’ Charitable Fund Campaign. This fun ddrive provides a chance for service in order to help enhance the quality of life for our fellow citizens.

The drive runs from October 1-31, 2014. Making a donation is quick and easy:
  • Access the USECF Website
  • Enter your LAN user ID and password on the log-in screen. (This is the same ID and password used to access yourtime sheet.)
  • Select your method of contribution -- payroll deduction or one-time contribution.

a.Payroll Deduction – Payroll deductions are taken out of your payroll each period during the upcoming calendar year beginning in January 2015. This means your contribution will count as a tax deduction for the 2015 year.

b.One-Time Contribution – These are given by check or cash and need to be turned into your division coordinator. One-time contributions are deductible for the 2014 tax year since the actual payment was made during this year.
  • Select one or more charities you would like to donate to, or access and copy your previous year’s donations. Include the amount you wish to donate.
  • If necessary, make any changes BEFORE you “Confirm” your donation.
  • Print a copy of the receipt for your tax records. This is your ONLY opportunity to print a receipt. Once you leave the page, you won’t be able to print the receipt.
If you have any questions, please contact Ingrid Norton at or 801-965-4151 or Melissa Brown at or 801-538-3298

Innovative Technology

Technical Bulletin 446: CICS and TSO Inactive Time Limit for ORS Data Users

DTS has issued a new Technical Bulletin CICS and TSO Inactive Time Limit for ORS Data UsersPursuant to Internal Revenue Service regulations, the inactive time waiting limit for users who access ORS mainframe tax data via CICS and TSO will be reduced to 15 minutes Oct. 19, 2014.

FSMS Upgrade Completed

The Food Compliance Program in the Department of Agriculture and Food is responsible for monitoring and evaluating Utah's food supply. As part of that work, Environmental Health Scientists inspect food establishments across the state. Recently the agency upgraded thei inspection tools to include iPads and a new iOS application developed by DTS.

Previously, inspectors had used older, heavier, and less capable tablets, along with an aged mobile application. DTS staff worked closely with a number of managers and inspectors from the agency to create an application that would take advantage of the iPads capabilities and provide meaningful improvements to the inspectors. The system allows inspectors to see all their establishments, create a list of establishments to be covered on a particular day or week, and make all their inspection entries and notes, after which the data is uploaded to the main database. Future enhancements will allow for a second type of inspection required by the FDA, as well as a number of new features for even more ease of use.

According to inspectors, the new application is much more intuitive, and they can "actually use it as a tablet, making observations and notes as I go," instead of writing all their observations on paper and entering the data after the fact. The process is smoother, faster, and easier. One inspector summarized it as "a giant leap over the inspection tool we had before.”

Innovative Solutions:

  •  MDM is used to distribute the iPad application
  •  Built in iOS using native technologies
  •  Agile Process followed for improved user feedback


  • Gerald Satterlee (Project Manager)
  •  Austin Haws (Lead Developer, Architect)
  •  Peter Huang (Developer)
  •  Joseph Sharp (Lead Designer)
  • Rose Cordova (Quality Assurance)

ePOLST at Department of Health

The ePOLST registry is a web-based application that allows physicians and their patients to complete and sign a Physicians Order for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form electronically.  DTS recently upgraded the system.

Innovative Solutions:

  •  Responsive design for EMTs in the field with mobile devices
  •  Efficient navigation for physicians using intuitive checklists
  •  Javascipt frameworks


  •  Kiril Boyadjieff (Project Manager)
  •  Aaron McElwee (Designer)
  •  Andrea Thacker (Developer)
  •  Jase Hopkin (Developer)
  •  Rose Cordova (Quality Assurance)

Customer Service

Get to Know... Tricia Cox

Each month, we will highlight one DTS employee.  This month, get to know Tricia Cox, IT Director at Human Services.

Originally from California, Tricia has also lived in Illinois and Hawaii before settling in Utah. Since moving to Utah she has learned to love winter. She can be found snowboarding at various local resorts on any given winter weekend.

Tricia has worked for the state for 14 years in both DWS and DTS in various positions ranging from DWS Employment Counselor to DTS IT Manager, and now serving as the IT Director at DHS. Tricia looks forward to learning all about DHS and working with them to continue their legacy of successful projects & initiatives.

Employee Kudos

“Just wanted to let you know how much I've appreciated the work done by DTS for DABC. Throughout this year, Chris Christensen and the team have been very flexible in prioritizing projects and resources in order to address DABC concerns, as well as, quick to inform us of IT issues that have arisen in our daily operations. They have worked collaboratively with us to address issues great and small - from the creation of a web-based product locator to improvements to the centralized ordering system, to PCI compliance and the Warehouse Management System RFP and implementation - in order for DABC to be on the correct strategic path.”

- Sal Petilos, DABC Director

DTS recently implemented new VoIP phones at UDC, and the group received the following feedback.

“Please join me in thanking DTS for the amazing job they have done in providing such a smooth transition. When you see them around trouble shoot or walk down to the first floor and let them know how great and appreciated they are. They have said the Corrections has been the BEST job they have ever done because everyone is so friendly and helpful. Thanks again for all your support - and enjoy those new phones!!!”

-Teresa Bateman

“I would like to mention the great work Cliff Tomlinson has done in relation to the Controlled Substance Database projects we have worked on over the past several months. I suspect everyone on the sixth floor knows who Cliff is as he is very friendly and outgoing (If you don’t know him, you’ve most likely heard him sneeze!). Cliff has a great sense of humor, but in addition to this, when his help is needed on a project he doesn’t waste any time getting things done (and done well)! Cliff has worked really well in meetings with our customer and really demonstrates an understanding of the value of customer service. I’ve had the chance to watch Cliff in a lead role on a project and he’s been patient and articulate with myself and others in explaining technical aspects so that we can establish a greater understanding of key concepts. Thanks Cliff!”

-Floyd Corbin, Project Manager

“I just wanted to express how happy I am with Troy Barton’s amazing help and commitment to get Summation up and running for our office. It is now installed! Troy truly stayed on top of this project - he was always in contact with the company who sold us the software and followed up frequently to keep this process moving. He also kept me updated on a regular basis. I could not have had better help!!”

- Marina Thomas, Governor's Public Lands Policy Coordination Office

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