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Dept. of Technology Services

DTS Newsletter

October 2015


FY 2017 DTS Rates

The DTS FY 2017 rates have been approved by the DTS Rate Committee.  View the rates here. The Governor’s Office and Legislature will review and approve the rates in the coming months.

Employee Success

DTS is Moving from Changepoint to Service Now

DTS is transitioning from Changepoint to Service Now for time entry and project management. For most DTS employees, this will only impact how you enter your timesheet each pay period. Video training for time entry and time approval is available now.

The transition to Service Now will occur in several stages, with all DTS employees separated into 5 different groups. You can view the project timeline here. You will receive emails with further instructions when it is time for your group to begin the migration.

If you need help, please contact your Service Now Guide. A Frequently Asked Questions document for time entry and approval is also available.

DHRM Workplace Harassment Training

With the passage of HB 216 "Workplace Abusive Conduct Amendments to Promote a Healthy Workplace", DHRM has released an online Workplace Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention training. This is a mandatory statewide training.  DTS employees must complete the training by October 15th.

The training and all of the instructions for it can be accessed at this link. Please make sure you register first for the training. Only after you have registered should you go into the link that will direct you to the training modules. DHRM's training system may not show you have taken it if you didn't register first.

DTS Accessibility Training

The DTS Accessibility training is now available here. All DTS web developers must complete the training by December 31, 2015. The training is optional for other DTS developers and employees.

Charitable Fund Drive

As state employees, we have the opportunity to participate in the Utah State Employees’ Charitable Fund Campaign. This fund drive provides a chance for service in order to help enhance the quality of life for our fellow citizens.

The driveruns from October 5-November 6, 2015. Making a donation is quick and easy:

  • Access the USECF Website at
  • Enter your LAN user ID and password on the log-in screen. (This is the same ID and password used to access yourtime sheet.)
  • Select your method of contribution -- payroll deduction or one-time contribution.

a.Payroll Deduction – Payroll deductions are taken out of your payroll each period during the upcoming calendar year beginning in January 2016. This means your contribution will count as a tax deduction for the 2015 year.

b.One-Time Contribution – These are given by check or cash and need to be turned into your division coordinator. One-time contributions are deductible for the 2014 tax year since the actual payment was made during this year.

  • Select one or morecharitiesyou would like to donate to, or access and copy your previous year’s donations. Include the amount you wish to donate.
  • If necessary, make any changes BEFORE you “Confirm” your donation.
  • Print a copy of the receipt for your tax records. This is your ONLY opportunity to print a receipt. Once you leave the page, you won’t be able to print the receipt.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Steele at or 801-538-5457 or Melissa Brown at or 801-538-3298

DTS Procurement Newsletter

View the current newsletter here.


Innovative Technology


DTS Computer Standards

The State of Utah is implementing computer standards to benefit state government. Some of the benefits of this initiative include lower prices on machines, quicker delivery times from vendors, quicker deployment of computers to employees, better service from vendors, and enhanced support from DTS technicians.

Click here for the list of computer standards that will accommodate the needs of most state employees. This list will be available in the DTS service catalog (in Service Now) October 23.

Effective October 23, 2015, agencies will only be able to purchase computers that are available on the standards list, unless an exception form is completed.

An agency can request a certain purchase to be exempt from these standards by filling out this exception form. DTS will notify the agency when the exception has been approved or denied. Once approved, the agency should complete the purchase request (in Service Now) for the approved product.

Contact DTS Procurement with any questions at or 801-538-1008.

File Share Project

DTS is working on a file share project, to consolidate file and print servers in order to reduce costs to infrastructure effective July 1, 2016. Google Drive is available for user files at no cost (up to 30GB). DTS will preserve the agency’s option to keep existing non-shared servers at an additional cost. You can view more information about the project here.

Updated Singlewire Paging Product Description

The Cisco Singlewire Paging product description has been updated on the DTS site. The updated version changes the way DTS bills agencies for the product. We won't be using an SBA anymore. It will be billed for using one time charges.

Information Security

Security Vendor Day

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. DTS will be holding a Security Vendor Day October 29.If you would like to attend, please work with your supervisor to get approval.

Click here to register through Eventbrite!

October 29, 2015
Auditorium - State Office Building, Capitol Complex

This will be a great opportunity for you to learn about new products from today's leading IT security vendors, including:


Vendors will be giving presentations and will also be available to answer individual questions about their products.

Security Incident Report Process

When reporting a security incident, please be sure to notify DTS through the 'Report an Incident' form here. DTS will then determine the severity of the incident and will notify the appropriate parties (DTS Security Insurance company, AG's office, etc.). Agency employees should also follow their individual agency's escalation process for notification of agency management.

Desktop Security Enhancement Project

The desktop security enhancement project has been created as a direct result of the State Security Council’s decision to remove local administrator rights on state owned computers. The primary intent of this project is to prevent malicious software from leveraging existing user rights to install and propagate itself on the state’s network. DTS will ensure that state and agency authorized software installation and update processes will continue to function automatically.

The removal of Administrator privileges for local accounts within the State of Utah will be done as thinly as possible with the minimum of rights being restricted. If agencies want further restrictions, beyond these base restrictions, they can request them, but those changes will not be included within the scope of this project.

The intent is to secure the device, not restrict the user’s ability to personalize their desktop environment (e.g. desktop wallpaper, desktop shortcuts, etc.). The intent of the project team is to implement this at a methodical and measured pace so as to properly evaluate the environments of each agency prior to implementation within them.

You can view more information about the project here.

Customer Service

Employee Kudos

"I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how helpful Robert Ryan was on getting us some very useful information on a very short notice. I can't tell you how high of a priority this was in our office. Robert not only helped us and accommodated getting us all the information that we needed, but was even willing to let us run out to his office with one of our Division Directors, and a lead investigator. He took the time to take screen prints and explain to the investigators what the data showed. He is always very helpful to us and is a credit to DTS."

- Chris Earl, Information Technology Director, Utah Attorney General's Office

"We would like to offer our thanks for your accommodation of our last minute request to allow Amy Parker to provide full time technical support during our “Confluence” conference 29-30 September. We know this put a burden on your resources, and appreciate you working with us to provide the best DTS support possible. We also appreciate the support that Amy provided. She was competent, professional, knowledgeable, and was able to handle all the issues which arose. Without DTS support, we would not have been able to have as smooth an experience as we did."

- Thom Williams, USTAR


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