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Dept. of Technology Services

DTS Newsletter

September 2015


News of Retirement

After 32 years of working for the State of Utah and 3 ½ years as the CIO, I have decided to retire from the State effective November 16, 2015. My wife and I have decided to move on to the next chapter in our lives.

The hardest thing about making the decision to retire is knowing how much I will miss working with the great people at DTS. The State of Utah is the nation’s leader when it comes to government technology. This is thanks to all of you. You are innovative and committed to excellence. It has truly been an honor for me to work side by side with all of you. I feel very good that I am leaving DTS in great hands – thanks to all of you. There are still a number of goals I would like to see accomplished before I retire. I will be committed to you and the residents of this state until my last day. Thank you for your service.

Employee Success

DTS 2015 Annual Report and Accomplishments Report

The DTS Annual Report and Accomplishments Report are both available on the DTS site. Check out the reports here. We have done some outstanding things this year! Thanks for the hard work.

DTS is Moving from Changepoint to Service Now

DTS is transitioning from Changepoint to ServiceNow for time entry and portfolio management. This migration will change how and where you enter your timesheet each pay period. Additional details and training will be coming soon.

DTS Finished 4th in the Summer Clear the Air Challenge

We announced last month that DTS finished in 18th place overall in the Challenge, but DTS also finished 4th in the small team category. Great job, team! Thanks for taking the time to record your trips. The DTS team recorded the following:

2,515 Non-SOV Trips

67,547.9 miles Total Distance

17 tons of CO2 Saved

$16,985.22 Saved

116,509.5 Calories Burned

DHRM Workplace Harassment Training

With the passage of HB 216 "Workplace Abusive Conduct Amendments to Promote a Healthy Workplace", DHRM has released an online Workplace Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention training. This is a mandatory statewide training.  DTS employees must complete the training by October 15th.

The training and all of the instructions for it can be accessed at this link. Please make sure you register firstfor the training. Only after you have registered should you go into the link that will direct you to the training modules. DHRM's training system may not show you have taken it if you didn't register first.


Innovative Technology

DTS Accessibility Training

The DTS Accessibility training is now available at:

All DTS web developers must complete the training by December 31, 2015. The training is optional for other DTS developers and employees. Wins Digital Government Achievement Award

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) is pleased to announce that, a project of the Utah Broadband Outreach Center and Utah Department of Technology Services (DTS), has earned a Digital Government Achievement Award from the Center for Digital Government.

“We knew from the beginning that would be an incredible resource for site selectors and businesses,” said Kelleigh Cole, director of the Utah Broadband Outreach Center. “We’re thrilled that it’s earned recognition so quickly.”

A winner in the government-to-business category, launched just months ago in May of this year. The first-of-its-kind website is a key tool for helping businesses and their site selectors find important information, including the state’s broadband availability, utility information, transportation, workforce and lifestyle features. The website also allows area developers to evaluate potential locations and print detailed, customized reports on available infrastructure. puts a portion of Utah's vast collection of digital mapping data to work in support of economic development,” said Mark VanOrden, chief information officer of DTS. “Its innovative design and reporting capabilities show a landscape-level view of what makes Utah communities so attractive to new and relocating businesses.”

5 Website Best Practices from the 2015 Center for Digital Government Award Winners

Utah was mentioned recently in a GovLoop article as having a best practice for website development. Check it out here.

Coming Soon: Substantial 2015 High Res Imagery Updates

The State of Utah's license to Google's high resolution aerial photography includes all updates that Google collects in 2015. To date, about 35% of the state, including the Wasatch Front, has been successfully reflown in 2015.

Additionally, an extra zoom level (level 20, about 1:600 scale) is being added to increase the ability to see detail in GIS and web applications.

The 2015 updates have passed quality checks and are now being cut into tiles at the new level 20, using Google's massively parallel tiling process. We anticipate that the updates will be available within the existing WMS and WMTS imagery services in early September.

Big Data and GIS

The Utah CIO's Office organized a Big Data vendor day earlier this month with participation from over 15 solution providers including Oracle, Microsoft, Google, ESRI, and Hortonworks.

Location obviously has a big presence in the 'big data' landscape as GPS coordinates, geo-ip lookup, and street addresses often present many analytical possibilities within large datasets and logging files.

Several quick observations from AGRC's vantage point are:

  • It's worth reconsideringCPU intensive analyses (geocoding, geoprocessing, base map creation, etc) that can take a long time and demand multiple iterations (ESRI is making many of its geoprocessing tasks possible in the Hadoop parallel processing environment).
  • There's a lot of potential forextracting value from the variety of application and service log files that we collect to improve both the services themselves and the understanding of their enterprise value.
  • 'Cloud' seems to be making great strides on price, functionality, and security certifications. In particular, there seemed to be a big upside to Google's BigQuery and similar non-traditionalapproaches to databases.

Customer Service

Employee Kudos

"Jason Back - You are amazing and perform with excellence! I so very much appreciate your willingness to help Childresn with Special Health Care Needs Bureau update our website. The site was very outdated and we needed assistance to complete the task. Per your style you assissted without judgement, patience, and with care to share your knowledge and get the job done with quality. It is pleasure to know and work with you."

- Noel Taxin, DOH

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the "extra kind" service from James Gifford! DOH-Family Dental Plan "now" has a simple yet effective phone recording for the public to reach us and to schedule dental appointments. We are still in test mode and will know more the end of September when we receive month-end phone reports. Regardless, the clinic employees tell me the phones are busier and our dental appointments have increased. Yea!! Please let him know he is an excellent example of going the extra mile, especially with so many employee opinions!"

- Michelle Muirbrook, DOH

"I appreciate your desktop staff SO MUCH! From my first call into Gavin to get help with getting tickets written, to the tech guys who come out and provide attentive A+ service. Today I had the pleasure of working with Gavin Barney, Jay Locker and Kurtis Edwards. Quick, efficient assessment of the issues and excellent problem solving and resolution. I really appreciate their follow-up especially since I am all over this building and not the easiest person to find. Spencer Hanson also made sure to help keep me posted when your staff was on their way to help me.Often times we forget to recognize those who so efficiently and quietly go about their work to make sure the rest of us can do our jobs at the optimum level. Thank you for all that they do - I certainly would not be as successful as I am without their, and your support!"

- Julie Miller, Utah State Tax Commission

"I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how grateful I am for all the additional steps that Donny Ford and David Hert did to resolve problems with our programs while I was gone. They both went out of their way to help me navigate a system from a distance that I was not familiar with. They followed the process through and kept us running, I can not tell you how much I appreciate all they have done for us."

- Noleen Warrick

The Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs recently wanted to show its Veterans Information System application to their counterparts in Michigan, but had never done anything similar in the past. Mark Mitchell not only had a technical solution available, but personally set up the video conference an acted as the moderator throughout. The conference was very successful. Thanks Mark!

"I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate really everyone that I've worked with on the security team but in particular Jerri Averre, Boyd Webb, Marshall Hunsaker, and Rick Johnson.I know how busy they are but they never make me feel like they don't have time for my questions, even going so far as to spend time educating me about some of their processes and IT security in general. I'm glad to be part of an organization and a citizen of a state with such a knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly IT security staff. "

- Kellie Lewis

"John Angus - Thank you so much for taking the time to present at last week's Utah OPS conference. Your session was well-received and demonstrated that improvements can be made in every environment.I can’t tell you how impressed I am personally with the progress made to date and look forward to watching it expand to other areas within and outside DTS. You guys are on the cutting edge of making measurable improvements for agencies and taxpayers alike .I love your passion for this work and intrinsic commitment to progress. Thanks again for all you are doing."

- Kristen Cox, Executive Director, Governor's Office of Management and Budget

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