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December 2014

DTS Employee Holiday Open House

I am happy to announce that Governor Herbert is granting four hours of Administrative Leave to eligible employees during the holiday season (November 28 - January 2). Also, I would like to give each eligible DTS employee an additional four hours of Administrative leave.

Each full time DTS employee will have eight hours of Administrative Leave they may use during the holiday season.
  • Only DTS employees receiving leave (annual and sick) benefits are eligible for the holiday administrative leave
  • The administrative leave is pro-rated based on hours worked by each employee; please work with HR to ensure proper time is granted
  • Any leave requested by an employee must be approved by their supervisor
  • Regular business hours are to be maintained during the holiday season

When entering your leave time into Changepoint, please remember to use 'Leave-Other-Administrative (OA)' and enter a note indicating that you used the Holiday Administrative Leave.

I want to thank you all for the great effort this year. We have a great team at DTS. I truly appreciate your dedication and commitment. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Payroll Year End Information

 Annual Leave Use or Lose

January 2, 2015is the last day to use annual leave including the leave accrual earned in PP #26/2014 (12/20/14-01/02/2015). The annual leave balance limit to carry over into 2015 is 320 hours. Advance approval for this time off is required by your supervisor.

Any annual leave over 320 hours not used before the deadline will lapse from the employees' annual balance and will be moved into the DTS leave bank program.

Certify Leave Balances Report (2014 Leave Year End Summary)

This report is generated upon completion of LYE processing and reflects employees official leave balances for the 2014 leave year.The report will be available to employees in the Employee Self Service (ESS) internet portal onJanuary 16, 2015.Employees have until the end of February 2015 to review and electronically certify their balances are correct.Any discrepancies must be brought to the attention of their department payroll representative by the end of February 2015, or the balances will be deemed correct.Employees that do not have access to ESS may contact their department payroll representative to request a printed copy of the report.To access the report: click on thePayroll(orPayroll_Manager) tab and selectCertify Leave Balances(located underEnter TimeQuick Links).

2014 W-2 Information
Employers must comply with specific IRS regulations to use electronic W-2 Forms and employees must provide their consent to receive an electronic W-2 instead of a paper copy. Therefore, each year every employee is set up to receive their W-2 in the mail. Employees who have access to the Employee Self Service (ESS) internet portal may choose to receive their W-2 electronically (online, via the ESS portal) instead of in the mail. To consent to the electronic W-2, employees must OPT OUT of receiving the mailed W-2 as instructed below.The deadline to OPT OUT of the mailed W-2 is5:00 PM on Thursday, December 24, 2014.

The benefits of receiving an electronic W-2 are:
* Earlier access via the ESS internet portal
* Unlimited access via the ESS internet portal (you will not need to pay $5 for a duplicate if you misplace your W-2)
* Once received electronically, significantly less possibility that the W-2 may be lost or stolen
* Access is possible electronically if the employee is away from his/her usual home or work location
* Compensation and tax withholding information may easily be downloaded into many tax preparation software programs

To OPT OUT of receiving your 2014 W-2 in the mail:

*Note: This option is ONLY available to employees with access to the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal.

1. Login to ESS: on the Payroll (or Payroll_Manager) tab
2. Click Opt Out of Mailed W-2 (located under Payments Quick Links)

3. Click the radial button to select the ‘Do Not Mail the W-2 Form’ option

4. Click the ‘Save Current Selection’ button (IMPORTANT: Do not skip this step or your election will not be recorded!)

5. You should see 'Employee record was updated successfully' at the bottom of the screen

6. To verify your current election: Click the Back link and select Opt Out of Mailed W-2

7. Your election must be complete by5:00 PM on 12/24/2014and only applies to the W-2 for 2014 calendar year earnings

When will the electronic 2014 W-2 be available in ESS?
Employees who OPT OUT of receiving the mailed W-2 as instructed above may view/print their 2014 W-2 online in ESS on or afterJanuary 2, 2015. A message and instructions for accessing the W-2 online in ESS will be posted on the ESS Home (Welcome) page as soon as the W-2 is available.

When will the 2014 W-2 be mailed to employees who did not OPT OUT of receiving the W-2 by mail?
State Mail will begin mailing the 2014 W-2’s on or afterJanuary 20, 2015(but no later thanJanuary 31, 2015). Please verify the address on your pay statement issuedDecember 19, 2014is correct as this is where your W-2 will be mailed.

If your mailing address is not correct: Contact the DHRM Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC) by phone at(801) 538-3742; or log into the Employee Gateway verify your address on ‘My Employee Profile’ is correct. If it is not correct, click ‘Update My Profile’ and proceed with creating a ticket with AskERIC. The deadline to update your address to be included on the 2014 W-2 is5:00 pm on December 24, 2014.


Please contact Zack Allred at801-538-3534or Nancy Nelson at801-538-3523.


Employee Kudos

The team at DNR recently did an excellent job of broadcasting video coverage for the agency. Andy Fabrizio was very helpful in troubleshooting the network while testing Real Player and YouTube. He also monitored the network during the ceremony so that if it was necessary, we could resolve any issues as quickly as possible. From DNR, Michael Christensen, Bryan Christensen, and Janette Lucero commented on the success of this project. Michael was the Technical Director, he worked closely with Terry Davis during this project. Bryan Christensen helped with cameras and communicating technical adjustment needs during the ceremony, and Janette Lucero helped with providing performance feedback during the ceremony. Great job team!

"Below are a sampling of five comments from the past month's surveys on tickets serviced by Bobby Case (Robert Case). I would like to recognize him because I know that he has given "the extra mile" service to employees of the State Hospital for several years. He is an Excellent DTS employee.

Thank you! Bobby puts every effort he can into making the computers here run efficiently.

Thank you so much for taking care of the problem within minutes of my request. Awesome response time.

Bobby is fast and is so knowledgeable, USH is blessed to have him.

Problems resolved extremely quickly and efficiently!

Bobby Case is always great to work with. He is very personable and helpful. I tend to make mistakes sometimes but he never makes me feel unintelligent or like I'm bothering him. He ROCKS!!!"

- Dallas DiFrancesco

"When you mention someone’s name and they already have a reputation that can be a positive or negative thing. In Mycah Mattox’s case, it is absolutely fantastic. I have always been impressed with Mycah’s ability to quickly resolve issues, but this past week, I felt he went beyond the expectation by spending an inordinate amount of time working with a vendor who was struggling to deploy an agency’s website being hosted by DTS.To my knowledge, Mycah has never met with the customer, but when I mentioned his name they immediately spoke up and said how amazing he’s been on past deployments for them, his talent and work speaks for itself and I am extremely grateful for the confidence he instills and the service he provides. We have a strong Hosting group at DTS and I want them all to know how much their work is valued not just by those who have direct interactions with them but by the agencies as well."

-Amie Hughes

"Thanks to Jake Vandenberghe in Capitol Hosting and Steve Ortega in Network Operations for outstanding customer service. Both were instrumental to the success of the migration and both gave service with a smile and good attitude - even when it was after hours and there were still configuration problems to resolve. It is a pleasure to work with such people."

DTS migrated Corrections - Administration @ Point of the Mountain (was served by an Avaya PBX system) and the adjacent Fred House Training Academy (was served by a Telrad key system) to Cisco VoIP on October 2nd. Following the successful migration, Teresa Bateman, Corrections Facilities Coordinator, gave Travis Christiansen a kudos sign that reads, "Thanks DTS for your help and support during this transition - You're Awesome!!!". The following DTS personnel participated on the Corrections VoIP migration project: VSEs - Travis Christiansen, Debbie Bauman and Julie Johnson; Voice Operations - Leon Owen, Justin Hudspeth and Kelly Johnson; NSE - Keven Longfellow; CNE - Tim King; DTS Technicians - Mitch Hood, Spencer Blodgett, T Artis and Mark Thomas; NOC - Mike Ostrander and Dave Bodily.

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