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Dept. of Technology Services

DTS Newsletter

September 2014

Utah Receives "A" Grade in Government Technology Survey

The Center for Digital Government announced the state of Utah again topped the Digital States Survey. Conducted every two years, the Survey is the most comprehensive review of best practices, policies, and progress made by state governments in their use of digital technologies to serve residents and streamline operations.

Over the past two years, Utah has continued to emphasize improvements in core technologies that support the delivery of digital services. Consolidation of state data centers, server virtualization, and enhanced information security have all helped ensure the reliable delivery of digital services to Utah businesses and citizens. Many of these services are now available to mobile users as part of the state’s mobile strategy.

DTS has overseen a continuing effort to get the most out of state tax dollars by supporting almost 1,100 online services, making it easier for Utah citizens and businesses to interact with government.

Utah is one of only three states in the country to receive an “A”gradein this year’s Digital States Survey. An “A”graderepresents states that have demonstrated results in all categories of the study, including data management, policy alignment, adaptive leadership, citizen engagement, and innovation. According to the Center, top states use modernization to realize operational efficiencies and achieve strategic priorities under nimble leaders.

2014 DTS Annual Report

The DTS Annual Report is now available on the DTS site at . Please take a few minutes to review the report.

DTS has received several IT awards and achieved several accomplishments in FY 2014, some of which are highlighted in the Annual Report. The Annual Report contains information regarding DTS’ projected use of IT throughout the State and a description of each agency’s IT Plan.

Tip of the Month

Check out the Google Drive Blog for easy tips to share files in Google Drive.

Employee Success

Enterprise Developer Group Training is September 30th

The August session of the Enterprise Developer Group will be on the topic: "Leveraging Javascript Libraries such as jQuery, Prototype, or MooTools"

The presenter will be Gene Riggs.

This month's brown bag will be in the State Office Building Auditorium beginning at 11am on September 30th.  Please join us if you can.

The full schedule can be viewed here.

The recordings are available here.

DTS Employee Referral Program

DTS employees can receive up to $1,000 through the Employee Referral Program.  Refer a candidate for an open DTS position and complete this form.  If the candidate you refer is hired, you will receive a referral bonus of $1,000 after the new employee has worked for the Department of Technology Services for six (6) months in a Schedule B or Schedule AT position.  


Innovative Technology

Customer Service Report Update: Server OS Upgrade Report

We have completed the Server Operating System (OS) Upgrade report. This report is displayed on the Customer Service Review (CSR) report next to the Server Encryption report. The report is based on data being collected from the agencies on the progress of Server OS upgrade status spreadsheet. The CSR has two pie charts, one for SLES servers, and one for Windows servers. Users are able to drill down on completed and uncompleted counts.


Customer Service

Get to Know... Doug Chandler

Each month, we will highlight one DTS employee.  This month, get to know Doug Chandler, Director of the Project Management Office.

Originally from Houston Texas, Doug graduated from Weber High School. After learning Ground Radio Repair in the Marine Corps, he started his 24 year career with the State as a Radio Technician for the Department of Public Safety in southern Utah (Richfield and later Cedar City). It was there that he received the State Employee of the Year award in 1997 from Governor Leavitt. He was eventually promoted to a WAN Planner where he was responsible for the statewide engineering of the microwave and two-way radio systems. Just after the 2002 Winter Olympics, Doug became the manager of the radio shop. Not long after DTS was formed, he was promoted to fill the newly created Communications Manager position. He served eight years on the State 911 Committee and has been on the Utah Communications Agency Network (UCAN) Executive Committee for the last fourteen years. He keeps his hand in the public safety communications arena by serving on the newly created Utah Communications Authority (UCA) Executive Committee.

Doug has served as the Director of the Project Management Office for the last three years. Started with no other staff, the PMO is progressing from a strategic to a more operational role. The PMO has created best practices, templates and even a certification for DTS project managers. Within the current fiscal year, a new certification for Senior Project Managers will be available.

Three promotions to IT Director have come from Doug's Staff. Even though he doesn't take credit for their advancements, he enjoys bathing in their reflected glory (AKA seeing his team members succeed).

Doug has been a leader in one capacity or another with the Boy Scouts of America since 1988. While in Cedar City, he served 8 years as a volunteer EMT. He is now a Red Cross Instructor for First Aid, CPR and AED. Doug has six children and five grandchildren. He enjoys photography, woodworking and Calligraphy. If you want to see a real waste of money, ask to see his pen collection.

Employee Kudos

Below is UEN staff praise for AGRC's GIS analysis in support of UEN's request to the FCC to reconsider its e-rate funding formula. Only 5 of Utah's 41 school districts qualify as 'rural' under the FCC's current proposed criteria. If this stands as is, the estimated decrease in e-rate funding to Utah schools is about $750,000.

“Zach Beck and Bert Granberg - I can’t thank you enough. The data and the mapping you’ve provided will be powerful tools to help us make our point in a petition for FCC reconsideration. To turn this around in such a short time is truly an amazing feat. I’m sure we’ll be able to use this information and infographic as it is. You guys do amazing work!!”

- Sabrina Scott, UEN

"I've been working on a project with Agriculture to move their Food Inspection application to iPads. We went live smoothly on Tuesday morning, and I need to acknowledge the hard work of several people.

Austin Haws was the lead developer, and put in several hours over the weekend working through what turned out to be a very tricky implementation. Anthony Booyse and Jonathan Foster have been very helpful right along with the mobile device part of this, and Anthony stayed up late twice to work with us on making sure the application would be available as scheduled. Despite all those efforts, Tuesday morning we had to come to Dale Hicks for some help with one last problem, and as usual, Dale handled it, and quickly. The result was that at 9 AM Tuesday when the Inspectors were ready for their new application, it was ready for them. The go-live was a success, and it was because these DTS people went out of their way to make it so. Thanks!"

- Gerry Satterlee

“I work for the Draper Site Prison in the Warden's Office, and wanted to take a moment to recognize some of your staff who were exceptional with assisting us with a project. Mindy Usher from our UDC Executive Office and myself were tasked with taking minutes at the ASCA conference that was in town last week. We didn't realize how out of date both of our lap tops were, and how long they would take to complete simple functions. Rayma Stohel and her staff could see our struggles, and understood how important this assignment was to our administration. Ed Radke and Ben Moore stepped in to help Mindy. Anthony Johnston and Troy Buchanan took turns helping me. With little notice, they were able to obtain two new lap tops and load them with the programs we needed. We are so grateful to have knowledgeable staff who are willing to jump in and help make our jobs more efficient.”

- Denise Guerrero, Draper Site Prison

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