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Dept. of Technology Services

DTS Newsletter

August 2015


IT Director Update

Amie Hughes is now the IT Director for the Department of Administrative Services, Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and the Utah Insurance Department.

Scott Wolford is now the IT Director for the Department of Heritage and Arts, Governor’s Office, Department of Human Resource Management, and Veterans and Military Affairs.

Employee Success

Governor's Vision

As many of you know, Governor Herbert is now the chair of the National Governor's Association. His mission for this coming year is, "To highlight governors' innovative solutions to today's most pressing problems." His goal is "Finding Solutions" and "Improving Lives." DTS plays a big role in this. Our vision statement is, "We will enable our partner agencies to securely leverage technology to better serve the residents of the State of Utah." Thanks to all of you, I believe we have done a great job here in Utah leveraging technology. We are the nation's leader when it comes to services we provide via the web. The vast majority of state services are now available on-line. This is the best and easiest way to do business with the state in my opinion.Please continue to work with our agency partners to find innovative new solutions, consequently improving the lives of all Utah residents.

DTS is Moving from Changepoint to Service Now

DTS is transitioning from Changepoint to ServiceNow for time entry and portfolio management. This migration will change how and where you enter your timesheet each pay period. Additional details and training will be coming soon.

DTS Travel Process Update

All DTS travel requests should be sent to the DTS travel email box ( for handling.  View the DTS Employee Travel Planning process here. All necessary travel process, forms, and contact information are available on the DTS website under the Finance/Travel section

DTS Travel Coordinator – Mary Montoya

Contact Information:  801-538-3600 (office), 801-538-3922 (fax)

Summer Clear the Air Challenge Results

Congratulations to the top 2 DTS contributors to the Summer Clear the Air Challenge! Matt Romney and Scott Jesienouski - Contact Melissa Brown at to claim your prize.

DTS finished in 18th place overall in the Challenge. Thanks for taking the time to record your trips. The DTS team recorded the following:

2,515 Non-SOV Trips

67,547.9 miles Total Distance

17 tons of CO2 Saved

$16,985.22 Saved

116,509.5 Calories Burned

DHRM Workplace Harassment Training

With the passage of HB 216 "Workplace Abusive Conduct Amendments to Promote a Healthy Workplace", DHRM has released an online Workplace Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention training. This is a mandatory statewide training.  DTS employees must complete the training by October 15th.

The training and all of the instructions for it can be accessed at this link. Please make sure you register firstfor the training. Only after you have registered should you go into the link that will direct you to the training modules. DHRM's training system may not show you have taken it if you didn't register first.

Updated DTS Background Check Policy

The DTS Background Check policy has been updated with the following language in section 14.3.5:

No DTS employee is authorized to obtain the results of the background investigation of an employee or contractor unless it is verbally shared by the HR Director or designee, or the DTS Executive Director or designee.

View the policy here

DTS Billing Update

Unused Email Licenses Billing:

DTS purchases a set number of Google Gmail & Vault licenses for the entire year based on the number of active licenses at the beginning of the fiscal year. As DTS conducts quarterly reviews, the number of licenses used by agencies may fluctuate. When the number of licenses decreases, DTS does not currently recover the cost of unused licenses. In order for DTS to recover the cost of all licenses purchased at the beginning of the year, DTS will start billing for "Unused" licenses each quarterusing a percent allocation method. DTS has established a pool of licenses, meaning that if one agency decreases licenses, and another agency increases licenses, the unused licenses can be moved to the agency in need.

Zenworks Billing:

Zenworks will now be billed to all machines, including those classified as non-networked (standalone machines). All machines must have Zenworks on them except for those that DTS has made an exception.

DTS Employees can Purchase a GREENbike Membership for $25

State employees can purchase a GREENbike membership for $25. View the instructions here. This is part of the GREENbike Office Pass Program which provides special tiered rates for bulk annual pass purchases. It is best if state employees use their state email to set this up so we can be sure that state employees are using the promo code. You can also use the code to buy one additional membership for another person in your household. More info here

Innovative Technology

FY2016 IT Plan

The FY2016 IT Plan is now available on the DTS site. The IT Plan is a list of all the agency IT projects for FY2016. The report helps DTS plan resources and projects for the year. Click here to read the report.

FY2016 DTS Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Plan

The FY2016 COOP/DR Plan is available for DTS employees to view on the DTS site. Employees can refer to this document in the event of an emergency. Click here to read the report.

DTS Self Service Password Recovery Process

DTS has rolled out the newSelf Service Password Recoveryprocess for all State employees with a Windows PC. This new process is:

  • Fast: it takes less than 2 minutes to recover your account
  • Intuitive and easy: allowing employees to get back to work quicker
  • Accessed from the initial log on screen: making it easier for employees that are locked out of their PC to recovery their accounts on their own.

Watch the New Password Recovery ProcessVideo to view the entire process.

In addition, DTS has made it simple for employees with Smartphones and Tablets to change their passwords by providing links to Mobile Device Password Reset Instructions. These graphical instructions are designed to make it easy for employees to change their mobile device passwords so they can ensure their PC and mobile devices stay in sync. Awarded Best in Class from the 2015 Interactive Media Awards is the recipient of the Best in Class designation in the 2015 Interactive Media Awards. TheInteractive Media Awards™ recognize the highest standards of excellence in website design and development and honor individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievement.

Created by the Interactive Media Council, Inc. (IMC), a nonprofit organization of leading web designers, developers, programmers, advertisers and other web-related professionals, the competition is designed to elevate the standards of excellence on the Internet and offer winners a boost in marketing and exposure. IMC serves as the primary sponsor and governing body of the Interactive Media Awards™, establishes the judging system and provides the judges for the competition.

The Best in Class award is the highest honor bestowed by the Interactive Media Council. The winner of this award has excelled in all areas of thej udging criteria and achieved a perfect, or near perfect, overall score. This site represents the highest standards of professionalism, standards compliance and impeccable planning and execution. This is one of the world’s most well executed websites.

Utah Receives GCN Award for Fiscal Note Agency Response System

Utah recently received a GCN award for the Fiscal Note Agency Response System, designed by DTS. During its six-week legislative sessions, Utah’s fiscal analysts are required to deliver a “fiscal note” analyzing the financial impact of the more than 1,100 newly proposed bills on the state’s 120 agencies. To manage the deadline flurry, the Office of Fiscal Legislative Analysts built an online tool that captures financial changes for each bill for analysts to review. The system is now "a cakewalk,” according to one Utah analyst. Read more info here.

Updated URate Product Description

The Telecom group has modified the URate product description. DTS will replace phone sets during the warranty period at no cost to the agency. After that, they will be replaced at the customer's expense. View the new description here.

Customer Service

Employee Kudos

"On 11 August a ZEN update was pushed to 70 DWS Jabber users. After the update it was discovered that the user profile needed to be modified. Justin Hudspeth and Romanza Sorensen jumped in and quickly updated all 70 profiles which allowed the users to use Jabber again. I appreciate Justin and Romanza for their quick efforts to mitigate this issue and for the leadership of their supervisor Leon Owen for creating a team environment that allows for quick response to emergencies."

-Paul Kearsley

“I would like to recognize Aaron Lael in Voice Operations for his outstanding efforts on Friday night migrating DHRM to ININ Contact Center. Aaron is professional with the customer, answering questions and explaining features. He was able to set up computer ringing and status messages on the fly to make our DHRM customer extremely happy.”

- Debbie Bauman

“Spencer Blodgett saved the day for the Tour of Utah internet line on at the State Capitol. He worked late into the evening making sure the fiber line was operational for the big event, solving problems that the contractor could not. You have a great DTS employee doing whatever needs to be done to meet customer needs on short notice and timelines."

-Loren Casterline

"Kathy is very appreciative of the great job Greg Blessing and Art Scott did at the Price women shelter. It was a job well done. The staff was very impressed. The job was not easy. The router and switch were relocated, new cable for data and voice was installed, the dmarc was extended to another location, and a wireless access point was moved. I (Spencer) would like to thank Greg and Art for a job well done. They always provide great quality customer service."

-Kathy Anderson DHS Woman Protection Shelter, and Spencer Blodgett

“Marshall Hunsaker (DTS security) came out to DHS and did a 90 minute training/demo for us on the DTS penetration testing process and also helped us plan a penetration test on a critical system. My understanding is that this was the first time a penetration testing training has been held. We had 11 DTS-DHS developers, 3 hosting admins, and 5 DHS employees participate. Marshall did a great job and our Developers loved it. We are going to have to schedule a 2nd meeting for a few weeks from now because developers and hosting staff that did not get to attend yesterday are requesting it. The increased excitement around security and the eagerness to apply security principles by the developers, hosting, and networking staff DHS works with is greatly appreciated and they all are showing an authentic interest in improving out security posture.

We have quite a few projects ongoing at DHS, including the file share consolidation and the roll-out of the SolarWinds Kiwi logging solution. Darrus McBride, Justin Rasmussen, Tricia Cox, and the Campus B hosting staff have done a great job coordinating the consolidation project while also taking into account our current and future compliance and security requirements. Some of our conversations around the project have been intense, but the conversation and planning have been very professional and in the spirit and balancing cost and security. This extra effort to make sure things are done right is much appreciated and will surly benefit us all in the long run.I would like to specifically mention Paul Seager. He has been helping me setup the Kiwi logging solution which will be used on over 4,000 desktops and almost 100 servers. Paul's efforts are helping us meet critical HIPAA compliance requirements and giving us continuous monitoring insights into our systems that we have not previously had.”

-Christopher Bramwell

“I put in a ticket to have an Active Directory group given permissions to a couple of folders so we could move ahead with a directive by the Deputy Commissioner. DTS hosting gave me exactly what I asked for and did so fairly promptly. But today as I prepared to do training for employee in that group I discovered that I needed one more folder permission for which I had NOT asked. I urgently needed the additional permission so I could do the training. Though ticket INC372559 went in as a LOW priority, Koung Heng promptly responded, worked with me to get the group rights properly adjusted ad waited until we could test it from the user's point of view. I was able to hold the training thanks to Koung promptly doing what appeared to be just a run of the mill Low priority ticket. KUDOS to Koung!”

- Ken Gee

“We want to thank you for your support in allowing Jason Back to assist the Children with Special Health Care Needs in updating our website. Jason's assistance helped our staff complete the task.“

- Joyce McStotts

"I wanted to compliment Dan Shepherd and his recent work to get some Fast Enterprises employees setup to work. I was very impressed with his concentration on the problem. This was not an easy fix as the computers and network access were configured very strange. Dan took the time to troubleshoot and learn all that he could on the matter. He also found ways for the consultants to work until a proper solution was found. Dan did an awesome job of working professionally and diligently until the users could work.”

- Jerri Betts

“Todd Duvall - We really appreciate your assistance to the Fund and helping them get things squared away. I wanted to recognize helpful you've been for us.”

- Ron Dressler

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