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Dept. of Technology Services

DTS Newsletter

Issue 411
April 21, 2014

Employee Success

Enterprise Developer Group Brown Bag - April 29th

The next EDG brown bag session will be April 29th. The topic for this month’s discussion isCreating a Great User Experience. This session is open to all DTS developers, and other DTS employees interested in this topic.

When: April 29th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Location: State Office Building Auditorium

Presenter: Joe Sharp, John Angus, Dave Ostrom, and Kevin Olsen

The full schedule can be viewed here.

The recordings are available here.

Finance Year End Deadlines

As the end of the fiscal year 2014 approaches, guidelines for the procurement of goods and services and employee reimbursements are as follows: In order for goods to be properly purchased, paid, and billed back, IT expenses should be procured by May 31, 2014 to ensure proper year end accuracy. Please remember that the item must be received by the end of June.

Innovative Technology

DWS Completes ACA Project

The Utah Affordable Care Act (ACA) project was mobilized to enact changes to the eREP system and related operations, and included 3-key deliverables:

- Modify medical policy and system rules;
- Electronically exchange benefit application with; and
- Implement a new rules engine for all eligibility programs.

The project was implemented using an Agile Scrum methodology and was executed by DOH, DWS, and DTS employees. Utah began determining eligibility with ACA Medicaid rules, using Jboss open source rules engine. Additionally, all eligibility determinations: ACA, non ACA, Food Stamps, Child Care, and TANF, were switched to Jboss, ending the use of eREP’s Curam proprietary code.

This change to a new rules engine (the ‘brains’ of determination), took under a year. Additional new technologies introduced included: Mongo noSQL database (big data); data exchange services with Federal partners; and a testing tool suite: fitNess test director; Grinder component testing; Emma code coverage.

These new technologies:
- removed reliance on older, proprietary software;
- reduced time to affect eligibility determinations;
- provided faster, less complex code for policy-rule changes;
- enabled use of latest industry standards;
- expanded access to qualified developer resources; and
- accelerated test-fix-test cycle, delivering a higher quality solution.

The dedication, persistence, and individual excellence brought to this project, resulted in a major project delivery that was on time, below budget, and above expectations.

Exceptional Customer Service

Employee Kudos

“I want to thank Kelly Warren and all your team that worked to so efficiently and effectively move all our computers and keep us working. They were fantastic to work with and have such great attitudes. I want to especially thank Ryan Casey and Wayne Higgs. We worked them to death during this and they were always happy to help. I know we took up way more than our share of their time. We should be good to go for awhile now. Please thank them all for me.”

- Koral Vasquez

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