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Dept. of Technology Services

DTS Newsletter

August 2014

Open Data Portal

Senate Bill 70 (, passed during the 2014 legislative session, provides funding for the state open data portal as recommended by the Utah Transparency Board. The new portal will have tools and capabilities similar to some of the leading open data portals such as Oregon ( or New York ( These new capabilities are intended to provide a single point of access for open data in Utah. The federal government also provides an open data portal

DTS has hired a new state open data coordinator to help implement the new portal. His name is Drew Mingl ( Drew will also serve as a point of contact

Utah has been a leader in digital government for years and the effective implementation of an open data strategy will help us maintain this lead and provide better service to the public.

Tip of the Month

MDM Troubleshooting


Have you enrolled your device with MDM, but the AirWatch Agent and the App Catalog are missing? Take the following steps to solve that problem:

1. Confirm there is an Apple ID setup on the device

2. Close down all open applications
3. Remove the MDM profile in settings > general > profile > MDM....V/5 > remove
4. Hard reboot the device. While powered on,hold down the power button and the home button together and keep it held down UNTIL you see the Apple logo pop up on the screen, then release both buttons
5. Attempt the enroll again (


-Have you encrypted your device, but still not getting Access to your email? Make sure you have enrolled your device with MDM, then email, to request email access.

-Are you having a hard time finding where to encrypt your device? Android devices that have Android version 2.3.6 and lower, are unable to encrypt (but can enroll with MDM). To find what version of Android OS you have, go to: Settings>About Phone/Device>Android Version>

-Is your Android notifying you that “Account Action Required” ? If so, you are required to install the “Google Device Policy"

Employee Success

Enterprise Developer Group Training is August 26th

The August session of the Enterprise Developer Group will be on the topic: "Big Data"

The presenter will be Tamara Gaffney and Matt Davies.

This month's brown bag will be in the State Office Building Auditorium beginning at 11am on August 26th.  Please join us if you can.

The full schedule can be viewed here.

The recordings are available here.

Register for the DTS Golf Tournament

The DTS Golf Tournament will be on Friday, October 3rd at Old Mill Golf Course! Tee time is 7:30 AM. Click here to complete the registration form for all players. Agency partners, friends, and family are welcome to play. This is not a State-sponsored event. State employees will need to attend the event using their own time (Annual Leave), and will not be allowed to count the event as Work time.

Innovative Technology

UDOT's Wildlife Vehicle Collision App Gain Attention

The Utah Wildlife Vehicle Collision mobile app, written by Scott Davis and hosted by AGRC since 2012, has received some publicity recently.

Deseret News

LA Times
Idaho State Journal

Utah Leading the Mobile-Friendly Government Movement

DTS was recently highlighted in a Government Technology article as a leader in government mobile applications.  View the article here.

Customer Service

Get to Know... Amie Hughes

Each month, we will highlight one DTS employee.  This month, get to know Amie Hughes, IT Director for GOED, DHA, and VA.

Before coming to work at the State, Amie worked in the medical industry for about 13 years, working the last several years as a project manager for a large Radiology Group. She received a BS in Economics from the University of Utah and an MBA-TM from Westminster College.

In the almost three years since coming to work at DTS as a project manager, Amie has lead development teams and worked with 3rd party contractors. She's worked with many agencies within the state such as the Governor's Office, Insurance, Health, State Library, DABC, and Commerce.

She is a passionate advocate for Science Fiction and Fantasy shows and has remarked on more than one occasion that Brett Shaw bears a close resemblance to the dashing Patrick Stewart. She enjoys playing jokes on her fellow colleagues. More than one employee has returned from an extended vacation to find a surprise in their office.

Amie is very excited to learn more about the inner workings of DTS and helping agencies become more successful in their initiatives and goals as they relate to technology.

Employee Kudos

“Phil went above and beyond in helping gather critical information that the Commissioner needed to talk to legislators regarding statewide warrants for DPS. He even stayed late one night (9:30pm) with me to prepare the information that the Commissioner needed the next day. I can't tell you how much I appreciated that.

I know you probably don't hear it much but we appreciate the support we receive from DTS and we do appreciate Phil and his willingness to work on important issues like this one.

Phil and your staff have also been working on a number of initiatives that are very helpful to Public Safety including a probation/parolee alert given to law enforcement when they run a driver license and a notification to protective order seekers when a domestic partner has been served. These are the types of IT solutions that help save lives and they should be commended for this initiative.”

- Jeff Carr, Utah Department of Public Safety

 “Now that the dust has settled on the Spanish Fork reconfiguration project, I want to take a minute to thank Julie Johson and Loren Casterline for their work to make it happen. I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out - this place looks great due to the efforts of all of you and your teams. Your efforts are much appreciated and I want to acknowledge the hard work and long hours that went into getting things here done ahead of schedule.”

-John Talcott, DWS

“Ryan Casey was extremely helpful this week. My laptop put on the brakes and decided it did not want to work. Ryan was great and though he wasn't sure he could recover everything it appears that he hasperformed a miracle and it is all there. Please note he was extremely kind, attentive and showed great diligence in taking care of setting up another machine while he worked on mine. I was very pleasantly surprised this morning to come in and find my old machine ready to work and behave. I am extremely grateful for his attention to this matter. “

- Julienne Rhees

“Rick Kelson has been amazing at coordinating a solution to the Ogden LiDAR project's quality control needs and making it work for our project here at the Division of Emergency Management. I'm very appreciative of his willingness to help!”

- Amisha Lester, CFM Risk MAP Coordinator

Division of Emergency Management

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