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Dept. of Technology Services

DTS Newsletter

July 2014

DTS 30 Month Plan

There are 30 months left in the Governor’s current administration. We have developed a DTS 30 Month Plan to identify the areas of focus for the next 30 months in DTS. Please take the time to review the Plan here.

Accountability is something we all need to work on.  DTS will always strive to be ‘Above the Line’ when it comes to accountability.

Tip of the Month

MDM: Trying to get to the MDM Self-Service Portal? try httpS:// When MDM asks for your username, it is asking for your Active Directory username, which is typically the first portion of your email address (minus "").

App Catalog: The App Catalog is a State of Utah internal application distribution store front. If there is an application listed in there, feel free to install it.  If you were not prompted to install the AirWatch Agent, you can open the App Catalog and install the AirWatch Agent from there.

Not getting Access to your email on your mobile device? Make sure you have enrolled your device with MDM, then email to request email access.

Employee Success

New Project Management Training Available Online

The DTS Project Management Office (PMO) has developed Project Management Certification coursework and a test as part of a basic curriculum for general Project Management processes. Any DTS employee who is involved in Project Management must complete the training here. The successful completion of this course will ensure the understanding of the basic skills required to successfully execute projects for DTS and our customers.

Enterprise Developer Group Training is July 29th

The July session of the Enterprise Developer Group will be on the topic: "Building Web Services (JAXWS / REST) using Apache CXF and Swagger UI."

The presenter will be Ravi Darbhamulla. Ravi has a working version of REST services with Swagger implementation on Github for any developers to use. He will be sharing a demo during the presentation.

This month's brown bag will be in the State Office Building Auditorium beginning at 11am on July 29th.  Please join us if you can.

The full schedule can be viewed here.

The recordings are available here.

Register for the DTS Golf Tournament

The DTS Golf Tournament will be on Friday, October 3rd at Old Mill Golf Course! Tee time is 7:30 AM. Click here to complete the registration form for all players. Agency partners, friends, and family are welcome to play. The entry fee is $65 per player if registered and paid before August 1. This is not a State-sponsored event. State employees will need to attend the event using their own time (Annual Leave), and will not be allowed to count the event as Work time.

Innovative Technology

DTS Designs Cool New Lone Peak Web site

The new Lone Peak Website recently went live. DTS web developers redesigned the interface, converted the site from Joomla to Wordpress, and migrated the backend management to use UMD authentication. Lone Peak uses Twitter in a cool way to follow the separate fire teams. DTS completed the application a few months ago, and the customer manages their content. The team has done a wonderful job. Kudos to Terry Davis and Aaron McElwee for getting the site up and running.  Check it out at

New Workgroup Shares Process

The DTS Architecture Review Board (ARB) has determined that Microsoft Workgroup Shares create workstation security concerns and unnecessary support overhead to Desktop support personnel. The ARB concluded that DTS will not support the workgroup shares, and that existing configurations of workgroup shares should be disabled when DTS staff discover them.

Click here to view the process document

New DTS Billing System

DTS Billing is excited to announce the release of the new Enterprise Billing Report. The Billing report will replace the old TUAM (CIMS) reports we having been using the past several years. This new report will be available soon. To view the new billing report, follow the same process as you have in the past by going to the DTS website, selecting "View My Bill", and then choosing "Agency Bills". The new report will make it easier to obtain billing information. Reports will work using current versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Mobile Device Management Implementation

The first phase of the MDM (Mobile Device Management) project was completed for the June 30, 2014 deadline. This first phase, targeted towards the Executive Branch Agencies, was initiated with the purpose of giving those agencies a tool to help them in managing devices that connect to the network and ultimately, agency-related data.

With the delivery of this toolset, agencies are able to manage mobile device access, according to the business rules and requirements of the agency. It also allows agency representatives to 'self-manage' many of the rules, without having to come to DTS personnel to complete these tasks.

As indicated above, this has been a very collaborative effort between Agency personnel, management, and DTS. Corona Ngatuvai and Anthony Booyse have done a great job leading the project, and Jonathan Foster, Jordy Davis, Dustin Crump, and Mark Lowe have also spent many hours on making this a success. Thanks should also go to all of the IT Directors who have coordinated these efforts with Agency personnel, to Danielle Hood, Devin Calcut, Kaleb Knobel, Sarah Johnson, Julie VanBeekum, and Val Shepherd for being key contributors.

Upgrade to Service Now is Coming

DTS is starting the process to upgrade Service Now to the latest release. The UI will be a bit different, easily adaptable, and more user-friendly. The project is in the planning stage and is expected to be completed in August. Check out the upcoming changes in this YouTube video.

Information Security

DTS SUCESS Project Highlighted by GOMB

Data security is a top priority for the DTS as well as individual state agencies. Despite the many challenges associated with protecting the state’s data, we have drastically improved the baseline risk score. GOMB recently highlighted the project:

DTS blocks an average of over 75 million potentially malicious attacks on the state network every day. Any one of these threats has the potential to compromise confidential data, which we are each entrusted to protect. DTS must continually work to improve the security of the state’s data as new and more sophisticated threats surface almost every day. Despite the many challenges associated with protecting the state’s data, DTS has drastically improved its baseline risk score.


Managing large resources such as the state’s confidential data comes with many difficult challenges. These challenges include constantly shifting priorities, competing demands on limited resources, and determining what day-to-day activities provide the most value. To overcome these challenges, DTS established a data security SUCCESS strategy with the goal to increase the overall security of the state’s data systems. The first step was to develop a performance measure in the form of a risk score—a score that would correlate with the intended outcome of eliminating compromised data. Using the risk score, DTS has been able to achieve over 100 percent improvement during the past year.


At the core of the data security SUCCESS strategy is an ongoing systematic prioritization of high-risk areas across the state. In order to further insure data security, the specifics of how the high-risk areas are being addressed are purposely not detailed here. However, DTS has validated that this system of detection, triage, prioritization, and mediation has increased the speed at which threats and attacks are identified and eliminated. A group of dedicated DTS staff is organized around this system—working to identify and mediate threats on a 24/7 basis.  Specific tactics supporting this system include:

  • Use of data analytics to identify risk areas at the enterprise level
  • A standard approach to triage threats as they are detected
  • Methodologies to disaggregate types of threats as well as standard responses to block them
  • Escalation pathways for threats that meet high priority conditions
  • Full kit of information for staff that are tasked with resolving or mediating threats

The responsibility to keep data safe does not rest solely with DTS. It is critical that all state employees be aware and knowledgeable on how to identify possible data security threats. The following guidance should always be followed:

  • Do not open unfamiliar emails or click on suspicious links
  • Create complex passwords with numbers and characters—avoid dictionary words
  • Do not share personal information with organizations you are unfamiliar with
  • Question the necessity of sharing personal information with unfamiliar organizations
  • Install updates for your computer and mobile devices as they become available

Additional valuable information is available through the DTS security awareness training (required for all state employees) at  

Customer Service

Get to Know... Dan Frei

Each month, we will highlight one DTS employee.  This month, get to know Dan Frei, DTS Chief Financial Officer.

Dan leads a great staff of state government professionals:  a total of 42 employees that includes functions of Finance, Accounting, Payroll, Budget, Contracts, Admin Support, Procurement/Receiving, Order Desk, Billing. Dan has been with DTS since the agency was formed.  He has an MBA from the University of Utah, and is also a CPA.  The favorite part of his job is working with all of the amazing DTS employees and seeing them excel. Dan likes the great Utah outdoors and loves to hike, bike, and ski. He also likes sports, with college football as his favorite. He loves Mexican food.Dan and his wife Lisa have five darling kids.

Employee Kudos

"I am writing in regards to your employee T Artis. Please let me tell you what a great guy he is to work with! T was dispatched to the MASOB to investigate what can only be described as a HUGE can of worms that has been ongoing for months. He took on this task with enthusiasm and gusto! He was totally unfamiliar with the ongoing headaches we have had and more than happy to start from scratch, listen to our complaints and go right to work to investigate. T spent 2-1/2 hours working on our problem and I could tell he was not going to leave until he had a solution. He went so far as to try and explain to me everything he was doing in the process to help us gain some insight. Let me tell you, most of the techno jargon goes right over my head , but he persevered! Please recognize Mr Artis as a great employee, easy to work with and very conscientious about what he is doing. He definitely takes pride in his work, something that is rare these days."

- Diane Hernandez, Department of Environmental Quality

“When the State needed to provide new security measures for our IPads, Troy Barton assisted me as he was concluding work at GOED. This was aThursdaynight after5:00 p.m.I was not going to be in the office thatFriday. Troy stayed and worked on my IPad until everything was completed. I wanted to let you know what great service your staff provides and the extra effort they extend in a professional and friendly manner. I am not tech savvy and Troy was kind enough to walk me through the process. I am grateful for the work he did and the extra time he spent helping me out. Thank you for having such a great staff!”

-Bruce Miya, Office of Energy Development

“I want to thank Paul Ross for his hard work in moving and installing all of the computers for the 5th floor remodel. This took most of Thursday to do. Paul is always very kind,quickly available and willing to help out.”

-Troy Stover, Utah Insurance Department

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